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Alan Baker 

Director of Charles Paddock Zoo

NEW TIMES: Has meerkat membership increased since the popular show “meerkat manor” hit TV?

BAKER: Visitors no longer read the graphic, and we don’t hear “what are those?” anymore.


NEW TIMES: What’s the most popular animal visited?

BAKER: The tiger. He’s big, pretty ferocious, and very impressive. Plus he’s at the front of the zoo so everybody sees him.


NEW TIMES: Have you had any escapees in past years?

BAKER: We have fence after fence after fence. If an animal managed to get out they’d have five other fences to get through.


NEW TIMES: Are any animals exhibiting nervousness for 2012?

BAKER: I don’t think the animals, but maybe the staff.


NEW TIMES: What does it mean when animals are “off exhibit?”

BAKER: Some animals are put in a separate section of the zoo because they leave and we avoid quarantining them each time they come back.


NEW TIMES: Who is your oldest resident?

BAKER: I bet one of the flamingos. One of them is almost forty.

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