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Urban Remedy raw cacao mousse 

I once went into a health food store looking for a paleo treat. To be more specific, I was needing chocolate pudding like I'd been held up in Guantanamo Bay. "There are no paleo treats," the owner said to me, and gently led me toward a $23 jar of honey. I like honey by spoonfuls, but can it mimic the deep, rich characteristics of chocolate? Ha! And no. It was months later when I came across Urban Remedy raw cacao mousse. The package says it better than I can: "Luscious raw cacao mousse with hints of vanilla, date, and Himalyan pink salt." It's organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and dairy-free, and I'm saying this with a straight face: It tastes as good as chocolate mousse made with heavy whipping cream. Upon my second tasting of this fine product, (made by an acupuncturist and herbalist who concocted all kinds of plant-based, organic meals, juices, and snacks to heal her patients) I decided to bring it to the movies with me. In my purse. With a plastic spoon. It was the opening night of Joker, and even though I was headed for Rambo: Last Blood (payback for my husband seeing Downton Abbey with me), the movie man checked my bag to make sure I wouldn't copy the Joker—that's never happened to me before. I don't like getting in trouble so I declared, "I have mousse and Pellegrino in my bag!" Guess he'd seen worse, so he let me go. Thank goodness I avoided Guantanamo Bay.

I found my 4.1 ounce container of chocolate mousse at Whole Foods in SLO for $5.50. Learn more about Urban Remedy at Δ

Flavor writer Beth Giuffre is definitely not joking about this very serious chocolate dessert. Send your favorite snack stops to [email protected].

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