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Siete 'Fuego' Grain Free Tortilla Chips 

We are in the age of allergies and food intolerances, whether we like it or not. It's so hard to be a culinary angel. From cheddar cheese Bugles to Sour Patch Kids, almost everyone has their nemesis food—that junk food, bad-for-you item that makes you feel like you've committed a crime after finishing the bag. Comedian Jim Gaffigan said he'd rather admit he's "meeting a hooker" at McDonald's than ordering McDonald's fries. Then he goes on to say we all have our "McDonald's fries." It might take an intervention to lure someone away from their People magazine of food. Which brings me to the alternative to Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos: a breakthrough, amazingly flavorful, chip I recently discovered at Harvest Natural Foods. You eat them, and your body won't hate you afterward. Dairy-free, grain-free, paleo, and vegan, these habanero and chili-flavored chips are made with avocado oil and only good-for-you ingredients. These Doritos replacements were created by a Mexican-American woman from Texas who wanted her granddaughter with an autoimmune condition to be able to eat her favorite foods with the rest of the family. Siete also makes cassava tortillas, but I'll save that miracle for another day.

I've seen Siete chips on the shelves at Harvest Naturals, 6985 San Luis Ave., Atascadero, and Sprouts, 313 Madonna Road, SLO. Where have you spotted them? Δ

New Times food writer Beth Giuffre can't get enough Doritos. Send your favorite nibbles to [email protected].

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