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Morro Bay's Goddess Goods will bring out your inner powers 

Two goddesses are better than one

click to enlarge GREENER THAN THOU Goddess Goods aims to get you feeling healthy, spry, and energetic. A powerful host of salads, wraps, juices, and smoothies will be served up fresh at 1124 Front St. this season. - PHOTOS COURTESY OF GODDESS GOODS
  • Photos Courtesy Of Goddess Goods
  • GREENER THAN THOU Goddess Goods aims to get you feeling healthy, spry, and energetic. A powerful host of salads, wraps, juices, and smoothies will be served up fresh at 1124 Front St. this season.

The Goddess of Morro Bay would not arrive on a half shell—she'd arrive on a surfboard. With sun-tanned shoulders, a nutrient-packed snack in hand, and a sense of adventure, she'd wield the power of health and exude an air of laid-back cool.

This is the goddess Summer Mote and Sierra Mace worship. Their altar? The kitchen countertop of their new juice bar, located at 1124 Front St. in Morro Bay. Day by day, the offerings—greens, berries, nut butters—go into the blender. Intentions are set. Goodness comes out.

As you can already fathom, this is more than a 9-to-5 for the entrepreneurs. They're more than business partners or Morro Bay natives (they still consider themselves Del Mar Elementary School Dolphins first and foremost).

"We like to call ourselves 'wombies,'" Mote says between sips of iced coffee. "We've been friends since the womb. We have a special friendship; we're like sisters."

Both 23, the women have had similar role models to look up to. Mote's father, Chris Mote, is co-owner of Three Ink screen-printing. Mace's family owns CenCal Roofing, and her mother, Summer Birchell, owns Summer Expressions Hair Salon. All three businesses are located in Morro Bay.

Now, the best friends are aiming to add another small, independent business to their hometown turf. This time, their sights are set on the Embarcadero. Well, on the far north side of the Embarcadero, near Morro Rock.

"There's so much fried food down there; fish and chips and chowder. We wanted to offer a healthier alternative," Mace says. "Something fast, fresh, healthy, and organic."

The ladies are great examples of what clean living can manifest. Mace, a yoga instructor with blue dreadlocks, represents the food portion of the business, and she treats her body as her temple. Mote, sunny, blond, and clear eyed, is the boss lady, quick with the analytics and numbers.

Their feel-good energy is palpable and contagious.

Who wouldn't want to drink that Kool-Aid?

"Everything we make is as local as we can get it," Mote adds. "For any produce that are not in season here, like tropical fruit, we are still keeping it organic."

Mace, who went to school for nutrition, is passionate about creating flavors that are delicious and nourishing. She became a vegetarian at the tender age of 15, after spending time with folks at an educational booth set up at the Thursday night farmers' market in downtown SLO.

"Seeing the fresh produce at the farmers' market really inspired me. I grew up eating really unhealthy fast food. After that, I became more educated about what I put in my body."

Mace flips through a notebook scrawled with handwritten recipes. There's the quinoa salad with fresh berries, spinach, and a simple, from-scratch dressing; spring rolls; veggie wraps with collard greens; and an almond burger made with raw ingredients and cashew cheese.

"My favorite juice is hands-down the Kale Mary, with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, lemon, ginger, and parsley; it's just all the nutrients you need for the day in one glass," the cook adds.

And if you're wondering if dudes and carnivores can awaken their inner divine goddess, too—they totally can. The 478-square-foot space will sell locally made goods like essential oils and wall hangings, but you won't have to worry about incense or sage burning. In essence, Goddess Goods is for everyone.

"We don't think a healthy lifestyle should be intimidating or hard to do," Mace said. "That's why we're offering our goods made to order, to-go. It's as easy as grabbing a green juice or wrap in the morning along with some really good organic Joe Bella coffee."

Mote said this is the least they can do to give back to a community that has supported them for their entire lives.

She gave a particular shout out to their respective families as well as their friends at Crizer Construction.

"We couldn't have done this without all of them. We just have so much gratitude for everyone who has mentored and helped us along the way," she said. "We have so much local pride for Morro Bay."

Added Mace, "When I eat healthy, I feel energetic, clear headed—just ready to go. We want to give that feeling to the community. We want to empower our friends in Morro Bay to feel good." Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain worships the goddess of gardening. She can be reached at [email protected].


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