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It's a dog's life 

Have you ever wondered why dogs will go to such lengths to secure food from the trashcan? Have you ever stopped and questioned why some dogs will literally jump through hoops of fire just for a biscuit?

With nagging questions like these, it’s always good to go straight to the source. New Times sat down with Alegro, a Chihuahua mix who lives with contributor extraordinaire, Jack Johnson.

So how does Alegro feel about treats? He said, via a doggie translator, “Oh my god, I love treats! Do you have a treat? I love treats! I can sit! Look at me sit! Are you watching me sit?”

After some prodding, Alegro further explained his fascination with all things edible (and sometimes not): “Humans need look no further than their own diets to see why canines love food so much. For instance, both dogs and prehistoric man ate animal bones because the fat and marrow provide long-lasting energy. That’s why most of the food we dogs beg for is high in fat and protein, so we can maintain all those freshly dug holes in the backyard. Speaking of raw bones, do you have one? I can shake. Never mind, look at that mailman walking up to my door. I must to alert him to my presence!”

Humans may never fully understand the mind of dog, but that doesn’t mean the treats should stop coming. Where do dogs like Alegro go for a great snack? Try Tails Pet Boutique at 745 Higuera St. Tails has been a San Luis Obispo favorite for almost 13 years.

Manager Cecilia Fontes said there’s always time to grab your furry sidekick a snack.

“We sell organic, made-in-the-USA, meat treats,” she said. “We also sell specialty items like organic, soft cakes for birthdays, starch-veggie chews, and right now we have all the holiday treats. Our Hanukkah cookies are big sellers.”

Tails also sells treats for the kitties. New Times made several requests to cats for interviews, but was declined by all, who cited various scheduling conflicts and a cat-wide summit meeting on the benefits of sleeping in fresh laundry.


Intern Maeva Considine compiled this weeks Bites. We want a Bite! Send us your food, wine, and related news at [email protected].

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