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Best of 2018: The Beauty League in Lifestyle of the Beauty League 


Bluebird Salon

742 Marsh St., SLO

Owner Ariel Shannon opened up Bluebird to give her clients the pampering they deserve. She describes her salon as upscale yet approachable with down-to-earth staff. The bluebird in the logo symbolizes happiness, and that’s the core value of the salon. With every color, touch-up, or cut, Shannon wants her clients to walk away feeling happy with their look. Celebrating the salon’s 10-year anniversary this year, Shannon remembers where her love of hair began. “When I was 8 I was visiting Stanford, and I said, ‘I want to go to Stanford and I want to be a hairstylist,’” she said. 


runner-up: Bladerunner


The Ritual

781 Higuera St., SLO

The Ritual isn’t just any old barbershop, where the owner knows each customer and their father and their father’s father. It’s a place where men come for the cleanest hair style, and it’s also a lifestyle shop. The barber and lifestyle shop opened in 2013 as a companion to the female-focused Hepkat in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo. The shop has apparel and accessories for the classy yet casual gentleman. Everything from moustache wax and hats to leather key chains. The Ritual offers its customers traditional straight-razor shaves and haircuts. 


runner-up: The Chop Shop


Pinkies Up Luxury Beauty Lounge

790 Marsh St., SLO

Nothing says squad goals like Yessie Nojas and her team of nail technicians, an esthetician, a brow expert, and makeup artists at Pinkies Up Luxury Beauty Lounge. “We specialize in nail art, which is a huge deal. We pour our hearts in every set. We remember every detail about your style for nails and brows. We care and you’re not just another client; you’re our supporter and friend, without you we wouldn’t be where we are,” Nojas said. The salon recently moved to its new location front and center on Marsh Street, which Nojas said has been the best experience. 


runner-up: @Nails


Kennedy Club Fitness  

SLO, Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, Paso Robles 

When it comes to working out, there’s only one place to go. For avid gym rats who need to work out wherever they happen to be in SLO County, whenever they happen to be there, that place is Kennedy Club Fitness. Health club members have four gyms across the county to drop in at whenever the urge to lift heavy things or run really fast strikes. Bonus: It’s a locally owned business with tons of group fitness classes to choose from. Barre, anyone?


runner-up: Pismo Beach Athletic Club


Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort

1215 Avila Beach Drive, SLO

Sometimes, even life in scenic SLO County can get a little stressful. Sometimes, you’ve just got to get away and R-E-L-A-X. The Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort’s spa offers visitors a variety of massages given by experienced therapists. “So many of them have been here for a very long time, and are established in the community,” General Manager Charles Crellin said. All the treatments at Sycamore come with complementary 30 minute soak in one of the resort’s mineral springs. Crellin said the spa is planning to introduce a new menu of treatments as well as a new skin care line.


runner-up: Massage Envy

click to enlarge WAX ON, WAX OFF Morgan Parsons gets ready to rip that hair off as gently as possible at the Bluebird Salon—the best place for a cut, color, or wax. - PHOTO BY JAYSON MELLOM
  • WAX ON, WAX OFF Morgan Parsons gets ready to rip that hair off as gently as possible at the Bluebird Salon—the best place for a cut, color, or wax.


Bluebird Salon

742 Marsh St., SLO

It’s that time of the year again. The summer welcomes nothing but sun-soaked days, which means it’s time to wear those bikinis, sundresses, and shorts. That also means razor bumps and cuts on your legs from shaving all season long, but that doesn’t have to be the case. “We have an amazing team here, a really skilled and talented staff that comes from a lot of wonderful training,” Bluebird Salon owner Ariel Shannon said. The hair salon offers a range of waxing services, from body to face. So put the razor down, ladies, and go get waxed!


runner-up: European Wax Center


Dr. Paul T. Stallman, MD

2 James Way, suite 203, Pismo Beach

Need an eyelid lift or a rejuvenated face? Not afraid of going under? Then Dr. Paul T. Stallman is your cosmetic surgeon! He is a board certified ophthalmologist, who then completed a fellowship in oculofacial plastic surgery. His office is committed to providing the highest level of care and technology possible. Stallman is keenly aware of the impact that our eyes and face have on our outward appearance and strives to achieve results that look natural so his patients don’t look like they’ve been “done.” The tissue on your face is delicate (as are you) and should only be entrusted to the best. 


runner-up: Dr. Wally Hosn, MD


Sandalwood Spa

1645 Trilogy Pkwy., Nipomo

Sandalwood Spa Wellness Director Audra Napoli said everyone that comes to the Nipomo spa feels like royalty: There is tea, champagne, or mimosas the minute they walk through the door. Clients can dip into the hot tub or saunter through the steam room before or after their service. “The facial is done to each individual person’s needs and we address the whole person, not only taking care of the skin but also the nutrition of the individual,” Napoli said. It’s a smaller, intimate boutique that offers the same luxuries as a resort spa. “It’s a world away, but yet just around the block,” she said. 


runner-up: Dr. Laleh Shaban, MD


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