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The Lady and The Dale 

What's it rated? TV-14

When? 2021

Where's it showing? HBO Max

Complicated doesn't even scratch the surface of Liz Carmichael's story. From auto executive to serial fraudster, she ran the gamut of life and ultimately paid the price for her shyster ways. This HBO four-part miniseries explores Liz's life before transitioning from Jerry to Geraldine Elizabeth, formerly a fraudster family man who hoodwinked his way through life, continually packing up his young family and once again living life on the run.

The family finally found some stability after Liz's transition and when she boldly entered the automobile industry, promising a three-wheeled vehicle that could withstand anything and everything you threw at it. The problem wasn't Liz's vision, it was the sad fact that she was selling wishes and prayers, and the magic vehicle she dreamed up was a disaster in reality.

The filmmakers attempt to liven up old photos, resulting in a cut-and-paste Monty Python-style animation, and, in general, it's distracting from the story—a story interesting enough to keep you hooked without any tricks. Who was Liz Carmichael at her core—a con artist or a visionary? Those closest to her argue that it could just be a mix of both, and this series asks its audience to give a little room to the possibility she wasn't just a fraudster but someone who genuinely thought she could change the world with her idea. This is an entertaining tale of a complicated character. (four episodes totaling 212 min.)


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