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Sites to behold: Overheard in New York 


Ever been walking down the street and overheard part of a conversation that had you laughing for the rest of the block, shaking your head in confusion, or bewailing the general downward intellectual spiral? If you were living in New York and had the wherewithal to record what you heard, you could report your finding to Overheard in New York. For nearly a decade the site has featured fragments of conversations between strangers, usually identified as “Catholic schoolgirl,” “teenybopper #1,” “teenybopper #2,” “delivery man,” “professor,” “student,” “thug,” “little girl,” “hobo,” “ditzy girl,” “ghetto girl,” “loud woman,” and “suit.”

The site is never PC, and rarely kind, but always funny. One conversation, posted on Dec. 7, is as follows: Girl #1: You won’t believe this. He was in the shower. Girl #2: So? Girl #1: He wasn’t wearing a hat. Girl #2: Oh my god! Blog editors contribute sarcastic headlines, such as “Did He at Least Have His Emergency Mustache On?”

Another conversation, posted Dec. 5: Teenage boy: We should go hang out in Park Slope. Teenage girl: No, we shouldn’t. The yuppies will run us over with their strollers. The headline? “Seriously, How Many Cup Holders Does a Stroller Need?”

If you believe childhood should be all swing sets and lollipops, the site might be best avoided. Recorded on Dec. 3: Six-year-old girl, eating bagel: All of the fat from this is going straight to my ass!

Offshoots include Overheard on the Beach, Overheard in the Office, Celebrity Wit, and Overheard Everywhere. Overheard in the Office tends to read like the script from The Office. A conversation recorded on Dec. 7: Assistant: Can you stick around? I need supervision for this. Manager: Really? I’d rather have super hearing than super vision. (pause) Oh, you meant “supervision,” didn’t you? Assistant: Do you think someone else could help me with this? The headline: “I Am Helping You.”

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