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Downtown Centre Cinemas’ rules are reasonable 

I have been following the letters published in New Times regarding the Downtown Centre Cinemas’ (DCC) no-coffee policy, and feel obligated to point a few things out to those in opposition.

The DCC is very reasonable in their policies, more so in fact than most theaters in California. Every other theater I’ve been to in California, excluding the Fremont, does not allow any type of outside food or drink inside. I grew up in Fresno and my family and I grew into the habit of hiding sodas and candy in our purses, but here at the DCC you can bring in almost any food or cold drink you like.

I think it is time for some in this town to realize what a spoiled child attitude they have in regard to this “coffee issue.� For at least the past eight years coffees have not been allowed into the DCC, so people should stop trying to sneak them in and get angry at the employees (who are only doing their job) when they, the customer, are the one trying to break a well publicized rule. If you want to drink a coffee while watching your movie I suggest you stay home and rent a film, because driving over to Santa Maria or Arroyo Grande won’t get you the “movie while drinking coffee experience� either, since they too don’t allow them in.


Marianne Jonassen

San Luis Obispo


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