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Clubs 4/13/17 - 4/20/17 

Goin’ South

THE CLIFFS RESORT: 2757 Shell Beach Rd., Shell Beach, 773-5000, FIGUEROA MOUNTAIN BREWING CO.: Singer/Songwriter Night every Wed. from 8-10pm. 1462 E. Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande, 474-8525, 4/14: Bear Market Riot from 8:30-11pm; 4/15: Jacob Westfall from 8:30-11pm; 4/22: Jacob Westfall from 8:30-11pm.

HARRY’S NIGHT CLUB AND BEACH BAR: Cypress and Pomeroy, downtown Pismo Beach, 773-1010. Thurs.: Front Row Karaoke. 4/13: DJ Camote at 5pm and JAWZ Karaoke at 9pm; 4/14: HindSite at 9pm; 4/15: 6250 at 3pm and HindSite at 9pm; 4/16: The Shantastics at 9pm; 4/17: The Shantastics at 7:30pm; 4/18: Tommy Lee and the Portigees at 7:30pm; 4/19: Tommy Lee and the Portigees at 7:30pm; 4/20: DJ Camote at 5pm and JAWZ Karaoke at 9pm; 4/21: Stinger at 9pm; 4/22: Steve Tracy Project at 3pm and Stinger at 9pm; 4/23: Three 4 All at 9pm.

LIDO RESTAURANT AT DOLPHIN BAY: 2727 Shell Beach Rd., Pismo Beach, 773-4300 or Live music Tues., Thurs., and Fri. from 5-8pm.

MONGO’S SALOON: 359 W. Grand Ave., Grover Beach, 489-3639. Open blues jam every Wed.: DJ Drumz every Fri.; Karaoke with DJ Sam every Sun. 4/15: Nothing But Trouble at 9pm; 4/22: Kenny Taylor at 9pm.

MR. RICK’S: 404 Front St., Avila Beach, 595-7425. 4/14: Nitely Irie; 4/15: Soundhouse at 8pm; 4/16: DJ Sparx at 3pm; 4/21: Hitmen; 4/22: Three 4 All at 8pm; 4/23: Kenny Taylor.

PUFFERS OF PISMO: 781 Price St., Pismo Beach, 773-6563, Live music every Tues. from 6:30-9:30pm, and most Fri. and Sat. from 7-10pm. 4/14: Muse a Deux at 7pm; 4/18: Side Effects at 6:30pm; 4/20: Robert Herrera at 7pm; 4/22: The Taproots at 7pm.

SEAVENTURE: 100 Ocean View, Pismo Beach, 773-4994. Live music every Wed. from 6-9pm, Fri. from 6-9pm; and Sun. from 2-6pm.


San Luis Obispo

BANG THE DRUM BREWERY: 950 Orcutt Rd., 242-8372,

BARRELHOUSE BREWING CO. SPEAKEASY: 1033 Chorro St. 296-1128, 4/19: Three for the Road at 7:30pm.

BON TEMPS CREOLE CAFE: 1000 Olive St., 544-2100. Zydeco music, live blues, and jazz on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

FROG & PEACH PUB: 728 Higuera St., 595-3764. 4/13: South 65; 4/14: Dubbest; 4/15: Pointdexter; 4/16: Hopless Romantics; 4/17: Down North; 4/18: Black Irish Texas; 4/19: Matt Woods; 4/20: Kingsborough; 4/21; Rod Namcarrow and Vance with Brass Mash; 4/22: Jake Nielson’s Triple Threat.

THE GRADUATE: 990 Industrial Way, 541-096, 4/13: Country Night from 8pm-2am; 4/14: Noche Caliente from 10pm-2am; 4/15: Country Night from 8pm-2am; 4/20: Country Night from 8pm-2am; 4/21: Noche Caliente from 10pm-2am; 4/22: Country Night from 8pm-2am.

KREUZBERG COFFEE COMPANY: 685 Higuera St., 439-2060, Open mic night every Wed.

THE LIBRARY BAR AND LOUNGE: 723 Higuera St., 542-0199.

LINNAEA’S CAFE: 1110 Garden St., 541-5888. 4/15: Everything Turned to Color at 7pm; 4/18: Cuesta Jazz at 7pm; 4/20: Old Timey Jam from 7-9pm; 4/21: Missy Anderson at 7pm; 4/22: Lillie Lemon at 7pm.

LUNA RED: 1023 Chorro St., 540-5243.

MOTHER’S TAVERN: 725 Higuera St, 541-8733, Live music every Fri. from 7:30-10:30pm.

NOVO RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE: 726 Higuera St., 543-3986, 4/14: Beleza Nights (Djs) from 10pm-1am; 4/15: Beleza Nights (Djs) from 10pm-1am; 4/16: Beleza Nights (Djs) from 10pm-1am.

SLO BREW: 736 Higuera St., 543-1843, 4/14: Fialta at 10pm; 4/17: The Blonde Bombers at 10pm; 4/18: Chris Beland at 10pm; 4/19: Autograf at 10pm; 4/21: Let’s Go Crazy! (Prince tribute) at 10pm.

STEYNBERG GALLERY: 1531 Monterey St. 547-0278. 4/22: Paul Smith Stewart Quartet from 7:30-9:30pm.

TAP IT BREWING COMPANY: Clarion Ct., 545-7702, 4/14: Erick Tyler Band at 5:30pm; 4/21: The Dip at 5:30pm.


North County

ASUNCION RIDGE: 725 12th St. Paso Robles, 237-1425. Live music Fridays and Saturdays from 5-8pm. 4/15: David Orr; 4/21: Scott Smith; 4/22: Morgan Leatherwood.

BARRELHOUSE BREWING CO. BREWERY AND BEER GARDENS: 3055 Limestone Way, Paso Robles, 296-1128, 4/14: Ricky Montijo & the Mojitos at 5:30pm; 4/15: Bear Market Riot at 5:30pm; 4/16: The Gypsy Flame at noon.

D’ANBINO VINEYARDS AND CELLARS: 710 Pine St., Paso Robles, 227-6800 or 4/14: Rio Salinas from 8-10:30pm; 4/15: The Martin Paris Band from 8-10:30pm; 4/21: Café Musique from 8-10:30pm; 4/22: Counterpoint from 8-10:30pm.

ENOTECA RESTAURANT AND BAR: 206 Alexa Ct., Paso Robles, 238-2834, Jazz every Thurs. night featuring Adam Levine and Judy Philbin from 7-9pm.

LAST STAGE WEST: Halfway Station on Highway 41 (15050 Morro Road at Toro Creek), 461-1393 or 4/13: The BanjerDan show with Alex Culbreth; 4/16: John Rybak and friends; 4/20: The BanjerDan Show.

PASO ROBLES INN CATTLEMAN’S LOUNGE: 103 Spring St., 238-2660. Live music 6-8pm and Friday and Saturday from 9:30-11:30pm.

PINE STREET SALOON: 1234 Pine St., Paso Robles, 238-1114.

PONY CLUB WINE BAR AT HOTEL CHEVAL: 1021 Pine St., Paso Robles, 226-9995. 4/14: Nataly Lola from 6-9pm; 4/15: Andy Scott from 6-9pm; 4/21: Michael Keeney from 6-9pm; 4/22: Rewined from 6-9pm.

SCULPTERRA WINERY: 5015 Linne Rd., Paso Robles, 226-8881. Steve Key presents “Songwriters at Play” Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4pm. 4/16: Natalie D-Napoleon; 4/23: David Starr.

VINA ROBLES VINEYARDS AND WINERY: 3700 Mill Rd. Highway 46 E. Paso Robles, 227-4812, Live music every Sat. from 1-4pm. 4/15: Josh Tarica; 4/22: Martin Paris.


North Coast

CAMBRIA PINES LODGE: 2905 Burton Drive, Cambria, 927-4200, 4/13: Rumble Duo at 8:30m; 4/14: Rumble at 9pm; 4/15: Catalina Eddy at 9pm; 4/16: Tommy Nunez at 8:30pm; 4/17: Les Beck at 8:30pm; 4/18: Louie Ortega at 8:30pm; 4/19: Andy Scott at 8:30pm; 4/20: Marcus DiMaggio at 8:30pm; 4/21: Mighty Croon Dogs at 9pm; 4/22: LBS Trio at 9pm; 9/23: LBS Duo at 8:30pm.

LAS CAMBRITAS: 2336 Main St., Cambria, 927-0175. Jon Stephens every Thurs. from 5-8pm.

OLD CAYUCOS TAVERN & CARDROOM: 130 N. Ocean Ave., Cayucos, 995-3209, Live music every Fri and Sat.

OTTER ROCK CAFE: 885 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, 772-1420. Wed: Karaoke, 8pm. Thurs.: Live jam, 8pm. Fri.-Sun.: live music. 4/13: The Trevor McSpadden Band from 6:30-9:30pm; 4/14: Alex Culbreth from 8:30pm-midnight; 4/15: Three for All from 8:30pm-12:30am; 4/17: Rachel Santa Cruz from 6:30-9:30pm; 4/19: Karaoke with Bob Santa Cruz from 8-11pm; 4/20: Adrian and Meridith from 6:30-930pm; 4/21: Cataline Eddie and the Blue Keys from 8:30pm-12:30am; 4/22: Baywood Jones and Friends from 8:30pm-12:30am; 4/23: John Emery from 6-9pm.

THE SIREN: Main St., Morro Bay, 772-8478,

STAX WINE BAR: 1099 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, 772-5055, Live music Thurs. and Sun. from 6-8pm.

WINDOWS ON THE WATER: 699 Embarcadero, Suite 7, Morro Bay, 772-0677. 4/14: David Pope; 4/17: Dorian Michael; 4/21: David Pope.

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