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The house of low carbs

Bread has gotten a bad rap; just whispering its name makes carb-conscious dieters run away, screaming in fear. But Sheila McCann, founder and owner of the San Luis-based House of Bread chain, says bread is not the enemy.

She takes on carbohydrate bashers with her brand-new book, "House of Bread Made Easy." McCann said she wrote the book to educate people about carbs and to show just what's in mass-produced bread.

"I wanted people to understand the difference between homemade bread and grocery store bread," she said. "Plus it was kinda fun [to write]."

In her book, she points out that bread can be good or bad, depending on how it's made. Bread that contains highly processed, refined carbohydrates - the so-called bad carbohydrates - can add pounds to the waistline. However, bread made with natural ingredients and whole grains - good carbohydrates - can improve health and actually promote weight loss.

McCann's book provides two-dozen recipes that teach readers how to make healthy, wholesome bread from scratch. Most of the recipes contain no added fats or oils. The recipes, which McCann tries to explain in sufficient detail, can help guide even the most inexperienced cook.

"I really tried to convey that making bread is not only fun, it's really easy," she said. "It's not brain surgery. And you can add flavors you like: cheese, basil. I use sun-dried tomatoes a lot."

Find "House of Bread Made Easy" for $14.95 at all House of Bread bakeries,, or by calling 1-800-545-5146.



Holistic Hypnotherapy and You is a free lecture and demonstration by Phillip Mountrose, director of the Institute for Holistic Studies. The lecture will discuss different hypnotic states, hypnotherapy for healing and relaxation, and more. It takes place June 12 from 3-3:45 p.m. at the Embassy Suites, 333 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo. For more information or an interview, call Phillip Mountrose at 489-9315, or send an e-mail to ...

... Central Coast Wine Tours opens for business June 7. They will offer three different six-hour tours visiting wineries in San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, and Paso Robles. Each tour costs $45 per person with discounts for guests who want to go on a second or third tour. Interested? Call owner Shay Steward at (866) 717-CCWT (2298), or visit their web site at ...

... Two new guides have just been created: the Paso Robles Official Destination Guide and the Golf Trail brochure. While the Paso Robles Guide provides 56 pages of tourist information that includes business contact information, Golf Trail includes detailed descriptions and maps of 11 golf courses in San Luis Obispo County. Find Golf Trail in Certified Folder Brochure racks throughout the county or visit their web site at To request a copy of the Paso Robles Guide go to the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce and Visitors and Conference Bureau at 1225 Park St., Paso Robles, or call 238-0506. ...

... Annajane Hugh has opened a new business called Software Optimization Specialists. The business provides clients a resource for solving computer software problems. Services include analysis of existing software, recommendation for changes, training staff to use programs, and assistance in new developing systems. Find SOS at 2236 S. Broadway, Suite H, Santa Maria, 925-9511, or ...

... Come to 4-H Field Day June 12 at the Mid-State Fairgrounds to watch 4-H members exhibit their skills and knowledge about subjects like livestock, cookie-jar decorating, and plant science. Help support the club by eating a complete chicken dinner for $7 a plate. Purchase the dinner from 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the event, or in advance by stopping by the 4-H Office at 2156 Sierra Way, San Luis Obispo. For more information about the event or the club, call 781-5943.


Staff Writer Abraham Hyatt and intern Julia Mowry compiled this week's Strokes and Plugs. E-mail suggestions to


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