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strokes and plugs

Ron Cogan's Green Car Journal has gone national.
The self-proclaimed "car guy" has been immersed in environmentally friendly vehicles since his days as features editor of Motor Trend magazine in the early 1990s. Since then, he eventually went on to produce an award-winning industry trade newsletter out of his 505 Higuera Street office. But the newsletter has recently morphed into a magazine that's aimed at consumers.

The magazine was launched in SLO in May, and includes articles that answer and educate the public on alternative energy automobiles. Articles cover topics such as building a market for green vehicles, the top 10 green cars, zero- or near-zero-emission producing vehicles, and explanations of the entire field of alternative-fuel cars, including natural gas, liquefied petroleum, methanol, biodiesel, hydrogen, and Cogan's personal favorite, ethanol. The magazine has the glossy look and feel of "car buff" magazines like Hot Rod, Garage, and Car and Driver. It's debuting as a quarterly but Cogan said he hopes to eventually produce it as a bi-monthly.Cogan believes ethanol E85 (a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline) will be the true alternative fuel of the future.One big reason, Cogan said, is because there are already over 2 million cars on the road today that are capable of running on the ethanol/gasoline mixture. The problem is there are only about 150 ethanol stations in the country.The Green Car Journal is available locally for $5.99 at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Mission News, and The Novel Experience.For more information, call Green Car Group at 541-0477.

FAST FACTS . 'Tis the season for the flu, and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 114,000 people are hospitalized for flu-related complications every year. Improve your odds with a visit to Ventana Health and Medical Center Inc. of Arroyo Grande. The office of Scott E. Robertson, M.D., is offering the influenza vaccination for $15. Dr. Robertson is new to the Central Coast and comes to the area with a long and distinguished résumé. He is now serving as the team doctor for Nipomo High School, and is also helping with a sports medical clinic at Cal Poly. Ventana Health is located at 354 S. Halcyon Road, Suite D, across from Arroyo Grande Hospital. Supply is limited, therefore price may vary. Contact his office at 489-2205.. Attorney Marc Bonanni has just opened the Legal Counseling Center of San Luis Obispo for individuals and small businesses in SLO County and surrounding areas without the "high-level" legal budget of a large corporation. No matter what the situation, people can either call or come by the Legal Counseling Center of SLO and Bonanni will either handle it personally or find a local attorney specializing in the situation. All fees will be established up front as either a flat or monthly rate, or on a per-project basis before services are performed. His office is at 1023 Nipomo St. (across from the Children's Museum) in the front office of the old Soda Water Works building.. T-Rex Subs is a new sandwich shop in San Luis Obispo that specializes in building very large, high-quality submarine-style sandwiches. On the East Coast they call them grinders. T-Rex offers free delivery of its subs, made with high-quality Italian dry salami, turkey, roast beef, and pastrami. T-Rex is owned by Douglas and Karin Aroen and is located in the historic Pinoh house at 597 Marsh St. Call them at 545-8739.. Caroline Adair, a server from Spike's Place, will be the target of a fund-raising roast to raise money for the Parkinsons Institute on Friday, Dec. 12, from 7-11 p.m. at the SLO Vets Hall. The invitation-only event is part of Adair's senior project at Cal Poly. The event includes dinner, an open bar, live music provided by Everyday People and J Street Slim, and the roast. For an invitation, call 546-9665. Tickets are $40, $50 if you want to grab the mike. ³


This week's Strokes & Plugs were compiled by Staff Writer Matt McBride and intern Dylan Price.



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