Tuesday, August 4, 2015     Volume: 30, Issue: 1
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They’re a bunch of liberal freedom-takers.
Why can’t our national press be this upstanding?
They should focus less on themselves, and more on the outside world.
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New Times / Street Talk

How important is the label when you buy wine?

Angela Tahti

Angela Tahti

director of ARTSobispo

“If I’m buying wine at a grocery store, the label might draw me in to take a closer look, along with the name and use of language. I’m drawn to color, and I like a label that tells a story.”

Addie Daily

Addie Daily


“It’s medium important, but I care more about the reputation of the wine. I don’t go for bottles that have pictures of the winery; I like Paco & Lola and Caliza’s Sympatico.”

Miranda Weir

Miranda Weir

exercise adherence adviser

“I like artistic labels—I’m all about the art. I like Sculpterra Winery’s labels.”

Denny Mynatt

Denny Mynatt

volunteer for the Sierra Club

“I mostly buy Charles Shaw, so that might tell you how important wine labels are to me: They’re not that important. I’ve found over the years that the higher-priced wines don’t taste as good to me.”