Friday, August 22, 2014     Volume: 29, Issue: 4
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Panga Boat Bust 9/6

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New Times / Street Talk

What's your favorite piece on exhibit at SLOMA, and why?

Erica Ellis

Erica Ellis

SLOMA community engagement manager

“‘We can’t go any further cause there ain’t no more land’ by John Longas. I like that, even though it’s kind of a banal subject, it has a very romantic feel.”

Sally Tippman

Sally Tippman


“‘White House Group’ by Gary Dwyer, because it’s more feeling than fact.”

Doña Deack

Doña Deack

SLOMA life drawing manager

“‘Black Dog, Red Table.’ I love it because of its simplicity and color.”

Charles Quinlan

Charles Quinlan

professor emeritus of architecture

“‘Ragusa, Italy’ by Gary Dwyer. It spoke to me as an architect; it really is very tectonic.”