Monday, August 29, 2016     Volume: 31, Issue: 5

Weekly Poll
What's your favorite setting to see a movie?

In a good ol' fashion theater. There's just something about watching the big screen with a bunch of strangers.
The drive-in, if there's still one around. It's more cozy.
I like to rent and watch them at home. You never know what you'll dig up at the video store.
Who pays for movies anymore? Free download, couch, cheap popcorn.

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What is balance?

The scene: Studios of the NNN (Nazi News Network), Berlin, 1933. “Good evening. I am your host, Wolfgang Tod. Tonight on ‘Important Issues’ we look at the question of whether Jews caused Germany to lose World War I and should therefore be exterminated. “Speaking for the government we have the minister of propaganda. For the other side, a local rabbi. As always, we at the network have no opinion on this matter, i... [ Read More ]