Saturday, August 29, 2015     Volume: 30, Issue: 5

Weekly Poll
How should decision makers hold developers responsible for their impact on already low water supplies?

Copy Cambria: build an emergency water facility, hope for the best.
Pose as Paso : Ban new water use unless it can be offset.
Pretend to be Pismo: (allegedly) con someone into buying water for you.
Screw rules: El Niño will save us.

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Don't get complacent

Bravo to Jono Kinkade for managing to make (some) sense out of the fire/forest issue in Cambria in the Aug. 20 New Times cover story (“Cutting down catastrophe”). I can see it was a struggle. It’s a struggle shared by most of us who live here in Cambria. Certainly many would be greatly enlightened by reading Kinkade’s piece (only a few attend meetings, and others feel powerless), which was well researched. I am f... [ Read More ]