Saturday, June 25, 2016     Volume: 30, Issue: 48

Weekly Poll
What should we do with Diablo Canyon once it shuts down?

Use the land to house a solar or wind farm.
We should try to rehabilitate the space back to its natural beauty.
Turn the facility into a nuclear power museum.
Convert the plant into a frozen yogurt shop. You can never have enough of those!

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New Times / New Times Music Awards


The New Times Music Awards return!

Songwriters, musicians, performers, and bands, it’s once again your time to shine. The eighth annual New Times Music Awards will begin accepting entries on Thursday, July 28–Monday, August 22 at 5pm in five musical genre categories (including an “open” division), a songwriting category, and an album of the year competition. The genre winners must be available to perform during the Friday, November 11, 2016 live judging competition at the Fremont Theatre. Here’s the scoop.

Starting this year, you can enter up to ten original songs in each of the following genre categories: Country/Americana/Folk, R&B/Blues, Rock/Alternative, Hip-Hop, and Open.

You may also enter up to three original songs in the songwriting competition (lyrics must be included). And you may enter one album released between July 7, 2015 to August 22, 2016, for the album of the year category. Each song or album entry costs $10. Entry deadline is Monday, August 22, no later than 5 p.m. You’ve got one month, people! Enter online by following the link.

A Readers Choice Award will be voted on September 29 through October 13.

Winners in the five genre categories will play a live-judged show at the Fremont Theatre on Friday, November 11, with one act crowned for Best Live Performance. Winners of the songwriting and best album categories, as well as runners-up in the genre categories and Readers Choice, will receive their awards that same evening. Tickets available now at the New Times (1010 Marsh Street, SLO), Sun (2540 Skyway Dr. Ste. A, Santa Maria), Boo Boo Records (978 Monterey St. SLO) or at

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to bring home a bronze Newtie!


Hip Hop

1st Wynn “Gold Days”

2nd James Kaye featuring Sean Ross “How Come”

3rd James Kaye “Feels Like”


Best Songwriter

1st Spanky “Rings Of Gold”

2nd Reese Galido “Unraveled”       

3rd Chad Land “Cast Away”



1st Nothing Ever Stays “No Sympathy”

2nd We Were Superheroes “One Oh One”

3rd Lulu and The Cowtippers “Those Words”



1st James Kaye “Send Em My Way”

2nd Joe Pilloud “South Of Sunset”

3rd The Noach Tangeras Band  “Walking Out Your Door”



1st Captain Nasty “Samba”

2nd The Simple Parade “Go With You”

3rd The Kicks “Soul Speak”



1st Joe Koenig “Little Miss Kir”

2nd Moonshiner Collective “Good Company” 

3rd Michael D. Keeney “Like A Song”


Best Album

1st Joe Koenig “Bleed Like You Bleed”

2nd Shadowlands “Shadowlands”

3rd Michael D. Keeney “South On 41”