Wednesday, July 23, 2014     Volume: 28, Issue: 51
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Panga Boat Bust 9/6

Weekly Poll
What local issue has you the most outraged?

The lawsuits against Chipotle.
The ongoing drama over fences at Ontario Ridge.
The spread of failed attempts to ban medical marijuana mobile dispensary services.
The proposal to prohibit people from setting up seats for the Cayucos Fourth of July parade.

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Masterpiece classical: Festival Mozaic brings diverse and high-quality music to the Central Coast

Back in January, Slate magazine made a bold declaration: “Classical music in America is dead.” The author’s reasons included the genre’s niche appeal, lack of funding, and perceived inaccessibility, as well as the scourge of any self-respecting American: “fancy clothes.” Yes, it would seem that classical music is now among the ranks of vaudeville and competitive walking as forms of obsolete entertainment in the United States. But that’s not entirely true. Now in its 44th year, Festival Mozaic is not only defyin... [ Read Article ]