Sunday, August 28, 2016     Volume: 31, Issue: 5

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What's your favorite setting to see a movie?

In a good ol' fashion theater. There's just something about watching the big screen with a bunch of strangers.
The drive-in, if there's still one around. It's more cozy.
I like to rent and watch them at home. You never know what you'll dig up at the video store.
Who pays for movies anymore? Free download, couch, cheap popcorn.

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Cover Story

Burnt out: Shifting winds toss the Chimney Fire back and forth between Hearst Castle and Lake Nacimiento

Check out more images of the Chimney Fire. First, a red glow appeared on the hillside. Then, ash started sprinkling down from the night sky.  When that sprinkle turned into a hail, Jerry Parker of Bryson Hesperia, a community north of Lake Nacimiento, knew that the Chimney Fire was closing in on his 7-acre property and it was time to leave it behind. “The ash got so thick. It was like it was snowing,” Parker tells New Times on Aug. 23. “I just started grabbing stuff and throwing it in my car. I left assuming I’d never... [ Read Article ]