Monday, December 22, 2014     Volume: 29, Issue: 21

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What would you least like to have in your backyard?

Oil-drilling and processing.
Nuclear power.
I live in SLO; I can’t afford a backyard.

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Cover Story

Fight of the concourse: San Luis Obispo's land-use update turned into a three-year battle with the Airport Land Use Commission. Now what?

View a slideshow of the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport by staff photographer Kaori Funahashi. Bill Borgsmiller casually fiddled with a few instruments on the dashboard of his 1971 twin-prop Cessna 310, and the plane lurched forward slightly as the engines slowed to an idle. An alarm began to buzz in the small cabin filled with beige leather seats and the artificial smell of new car. Borgsmiller gestured to the densely clustered homes beneath, but then pointed out at the open spaces in front of the nose, facing toward t... [ Read Article ]