Thursday, November 27, 2014     Volume: 29, Issue: 18

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How should we deal with people arrested for drug offenses?

Put ’em in jail.
Treat ’em.
Put ’em in jail and treat ’em.
Seize their property, prosecute them for half a decade, and dismiss their cases.

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Local window painters put their personal touch on businesses

The holidays. Let’s all take a moment to heat up a cup of cocoa, snuggle into our comfiest chair, relax, and sigh collectively. These are taxing times for all. Try as you might to escape the frozen shackles of peppermint cheer, the feral throngs of last-minute shoppers, or the deafening silence of awkward family dinners, you can’t. Everywhere you turn your knit-capped head, there’s another wreath next to another Starbucks next to another wreath next to a Peet’s. All in all, the scene’s beginning to grow a bit tireso... [ Read Article ]