Monday, August 31, 2015     Volume: 30, Issue: 5

Weekly Poll
How should decision makers hold developers responsible for their impact on already low water supplies?

Copy Cambria: build an emergency water facility, hope for the best.
Pose as Paso : Ban new water use unless it can be offset.
Pretend to be Pismo: (allegedly) con someone into buying water for you.
Screw rules: El Niño will save us.

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Cover Story

'The juvenile justice system is really a reflection of what's going on in the home ...'

In the corridors of SLO County Juvenile Hall, a painted yellow line on the concrete floor dictates to inmates the appropriate path to follow—straight down the center, through locked door after locked door. Kids straddle that line as they shuffle between classroom activities, legal proceedings, and their tiny, cage-windowed bedrooms. It’s a sparse and serious place, punctuated by youth art projects and the distant beat of a basketball against pavement.  Harsh as it is, SLO’s juvenile hall is considered progressive. Juven... [ Read Article ]