Friday, October 28, 2016     Volume: 34, Issue: 14

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How do you plan to vote this election?

I voted early. No hassles on election day for me!
I'll mail in my ballot. it's much more convenient.
I will vote in-person at the polls. I want the full election experience!
I'm not voting at all this election.

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Cover Story

Season of the witch: 'Herbie' magic grows wild across SLO County's secret gardens

When Kathryn Clayton tends to the personal poisonous herb garden she keeps at her home in Cambria, she thinks not of the harm they can do, but of all of the good. These taboo herbs—hemlock, nightshade, and mandrake among them—were at one time the only medicines known to man; the only means to soothe, heal, or sedate. Of course, when consumed under unsavory circumstances, these sprouts can conjure a darker result. “There is a great power behind these plants, and I have a great reverence for them,” Clayton says during a... [ Read Article ]