Friday, July 1, 2016     Volume: 30, Issue: 49

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Justin Vineyards and Winery said they won’t plant a vineyard on the land where they clear cut acres of native trees. What should be done with the property?

Put it in conservation for perpetuity, and hope the moonscape can recover.
Build tiny homes. Homeless people deserve to be surrounded by beauty also!
Sell it to someone that dry farms, like everyone else surrounding the property.
Let them keep it and do whatever they damn well please. It’s their property!

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Cover Story

Out of reach: Paso Robles looks to an unsuspecting place for solutions to homelessness

New Times headed to Paso Robles to find out what services are being offered for the homeless. Check out the slideshow. On a blisteringly hot day in Paso Robles, Steve Bentley walks down Riverside Avenue toward the Second Baptist Church.  Not on his way to Sunday mass, Bentley, 40, is homeless and in need of a meal on a Tuesday. Luckily for him and dozens of others, the People’s Kitchen at Second Baptist is a dependable place to find one and has been for 13 years. “There’s good people and good food here,” Bentley says,... [ Read Article ]