Wednesday, October 1, 2014     Volume: 29, Issue: 9
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Panga Boat Bust 9/6

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Are you in favor of U.S. military action in the Middle East?

I would be if we hadn’t just pulled troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Only if it means police have to give guns back to the military.

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Cover Story

On the front lines: A new, multi-media performance piece about the experience of war, 'BASETRACK Live,' comes to Cal Poly's Spanos Theatre

For San Luis Obispo High School graduate Blake Turner, war wasn’t what he expected. After struggling through school and feeling the pressures of college, he found himself aimless and out of options. So he signed up for the military—as did thousands of other young men and women in the United States—unaware of the pain, anxiety, depression, and endless difficulties that lay ahead. In 2010, he was deployed to Iraq, where he was stationed as a radar operator in Taji, sitting about 20 miles north of Baghdad. He returned a little... [ Read Article ]