Wednesday, May 24, 2017     Volume: 31, Issue: 43

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Does the Las Pilitas Quarry project deserve the second chance?

No. The Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission already shot it down the first time.
Yes, but only if the county approves the smaller, alternative proposal for the quarry.
The county should approve the quarry project at its full size.
I don't care either way.

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New Times / Letter To The Editor

The following article was posted on May 1st, 2013, in the New Times - Volume 27, Issue 40 [ Submit a Story ]
The following articles were printed from New Times [] - Volume 27, Issue 40

I saw that coming


By David Deick

The response to my commentary (“Radio-phobia,” April 18) was anticipated. In fact, I could have written it several years ago. It’s true, high levels of radiation can cause harm, but nuclear facilities don’t release high levels of radiation; modern technology only makes them safer. I fear the propaganda machine of Big Oil is responsible for the attitude expressed by many nuclear energy opponents: They are the biggest cheerleaders against nuclear energy.
Facts are hard to ignore in any intelligent argument. Scare tactics used by propagandists work until the facts are known. The point is: Let’s learn the truth. Read a book from the other side; the science is changing fast. We know fossil fuel kills (just like tobacco), but our political machine is controlled by corporations (i.e. Big Oil). We cannot expect the cavalry to save us.
Right now we have zero options. Wind and solar scratch the surface of our current energy needs, with no hope of exceeding them long term. Until something better is discovered, new nuclear is our only chance at stopping fracking. New age thorium reactors would produce waste with a short half-life; can’t we at least consider a nuclear option before we destroy the planet with carbon emissions?
I wish the Sierra Club would weigh in, even attend the thorium conference in Chicago May 30 to 31 at Loyola University to get some new facts. Opposing our only hope for survival condemns us to caves (or doomed cities) we left 100,000 years ago. Why not support clean green nuclear?