Wednesday, May 24, 2017     Volume: 31, Issue: 43

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Should SLO County ban marijuana cultivation in the California Valley?

Yes. It's bad for the environment and has no place in Cal Valley.
They should allow very limited cultivation.
No. Cal Valley should be treated like the rest of SLO county when it comes to marijuana.
It's legal! Get over it and stop picking on Cal Valley!

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New Times / Letter To The Editor

The following article was posted on April 3rd, 2013, in the New Times - Volume 27, Issue 36 [ Submit a Story ]
The following articles were printed from New Times [] - Volume 27, Issue 36

It's not called diatribe, but democratic discussion

Arroyo Grande

By Dan Walker

Disappointingly absent from the Political Right is a clear understanding of constructive suggestions for gun-control laws. “Why can’t you comprehend this about guns?” (March 21) is not about “another diatribe against guns.” The definition of diatribe is “a bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing”—in a single word, rant or tirade. This describes Wayne LaPierre (NRA executive vice-president) and the hands-off-my-gun movement as astonishingly foolish and incendiary. Their words are absent of solid and convincing arguments.

From the March 21 letter to the editor: “… gun control laws have the effect of selectively disarming only the law-abiding, thereby organizing society into two camps: the armed predators and their disarmed, defenseless prey.” This paranoid sentence belongs in a dystopian novel where you can live free—in fear. “Let’s not pass laws that, however well-intentioned, only serve to impede the innocent from defending themselves.”

Who will be the guilty, law-abiding person who uses a gun to settle an intense, parking space argument in our national parks? Or to resolve the incident of an accidental bump—or was it intentional?—in a crowded, late-night bar?

Today and in the future, may the many gun-advocates understand clearly the facts before speaking and writing their diatribe that loses all power to persuade.