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New Times / Letter To The Editor

The following article was posted on July 23rd, 2014, in the New Times - Volume 28, Issue 52 [ Submit a Story ]
The following articles were printed from New Times [] - Volume 28, Issue 52

Be consistent

By Thom Danfield - Los Osos

In the July 10 issue of New Times, I was pleased to read both Jono Kinkade’s article “Anti up” and the “Shredinator’s” comments (“Over a double barrel of ale”) regarding the decision by Paso Robles’ City Council to disallow a reputable cardroom to move into Adam Firestone’s business neighborhood.

It blatantly appears that the playing field is not level in that neck of the woods.

Firestone’s objections, the only ones voiced before the City Council and in opposition to the Planning Commission’s 7-0 vote approving the zoning allowance/change that would have permitted the relocation of the existing cardroom, were cloaked in the guise of “propriety.” That “propriety” questions whether a cardroom be allowed in a “manufacturing zone,” a zone that Mr. Firestone views and refers to as a “gateway” to Paso Robles?

My questioning of things rests in the arms of consistency and basic integrity as such things are considered.

First of all, many varied religious groups could view the presence of a brewpub in that “gateway” as improper and giving the city an undesirable image. That would parallel Mr. Firestone’s objections/complaints against the cardroom’s inclusion in the “zone.”

Secondly, the “manufacturing” of beer would seem to be the brewing of the beverage I enjoy and not including a conspicuous, albeit tasteful brewpub that is very visible within that southerly “gateway.”

How would Mr. Firestone have received such morally based criticisms or complaints to his brewpub as we consider his opposition to the cardroom’s attempt to relocate to the same commercial/manufacturing zone?

There are an infinite number of shades of gray that would permit the respectful and honorable establishment of each endeavor, brewery/brewpub and card room. What troubles me in this issue is an aspect expressed to me by the voices in my “deranged” head. Those voices state: “It is good to see that money still talks; this is especially true in light of the fairly recent Supreme Court decision involving Citizens United that informs us all that money is speech.”

All money/influence aside, the cardroom’s relocation is as legitimate as the establishment of a brewpub in that manufacturing zone. The two can easily coexist if reasonableness and applicable “free-market” concepts are applied.

I, a sincere and hopefully thoughtful “explorer” of IPAs throughout our land, respectfully submit this.