Wednesday, August 20, 2014     Volume: 29, Issue: 3
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New Times / Letters to the Editor

Junk science? Really?

Dave Raleigh - San Luis Obispo -

John Curtis begins his letter in the Aug. 7 New Times by saying that “claims of man-made global warming ... simply is not true” (“Statistics aren’t on ‘global warming’ scientists’ side").

Addressing a college town full of scientists, he claims no degree in any climate-related discipline, but instead insults his audience by the bald assertion that claims of man-made global warming are “worn out … junk science by ignorant people … full of holes and deceit” made by “so-called scientists [who] spin and lie.”

“Junk science” is usually, as in this case, a meaningless pejorative applied to any scientific fact the corporate looters and polluters or others on the far right don’t want to hear.

By the way, activist Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine, has a new book on climate coming out in September, titled This Changes Everything.

Once-cooperative Cal Poly is now out of touch

Barbara Wolcott - San Luis Obispo -

The current dysfunctional relationship between Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo is an amazing turnaround. Twenty-some years ago, the extraordinary campaign for the Performing Arts Center to be built was successful due to a remarkable partnership of local citizens and the university. The people of this county broke a number of state records for leadership and cooperation with Cal Poly, ultimately helping to raise $30 million to build what was a one-of-a-kind facility at the time.

In return, we now have an administration that ignores citizen concerns about where to put new student housing, then wonders why people are complaining.

There are more than 1,300 acres that compromise Cal Poly, with 155 of them used for the campus core itself. It is astounding that in all that room, the administration chose to plan for additional housing in the same area where major town/gown conflict has escalated in recent years. Students are being allowed to create a major rift and are destroying an extraordinary kinship with citizens of the county.

This is not the kind of education that was envisioned when another SLO county group of citizens pressured Sacramento to build a college here in the late 1800s by contributing local earnest money to get it here.

People here have given more than ample indication they are willing and eager to get and keep Cal Poly here, but their efforts are not reciprocated by the school’s administration.