Friday, November 21, 2014     Volume: 29, Issue: 17

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New Times / Letters to the Editor

I don't like the changes, New Times

Susan Testa - Pismo Beach -

Some of us are so disappointed in New Times. Personally, I have been an avid reader of New Times and read it over The Tribune. But for some reason, you have chosen to not report anything about Pismo Beach, which includes publishing letters not just from me but other people I know as well.

We had an interesting debate in which the council and mayor were caught telling lies during the debate, the place was packed, standing room only with people outside that didn’t fit inside, people were gasping. Reporters were there from KSBY, The Tribune, KCOY, Times Press Recorder and even Coast News, but nothing reported from New Times. If you had a reporter there, we didn’t see him.

We had a tie on election night, which very well might be the first tie in county history. As it sits now, we have one council candidate who lost by 17 votes and the mayor’s seat in which there is only two vote difference, and there very well might be a recount for that seat (a small scoop there that probably won’t get reported). But still there is very little to no reporting on all this.

Our Save Price Canyon Group had a very successful and public rally with cars honking and people stopping to donate. We had a big turnout. It was quite a sight to see such support for Measure H-14, and yet there was nothing in New Times about the rally or the measure. This measure is a landmark measure. We’ve been contacted by groups across the state for information on it, yet our own paper prints nothing during or after the campaign about it.

It seems like Pismo Beach has been dropped from the New Times radar. That being said, it seems like a lot of things have changed. Five Cities coverage overall has gone down, the Shredder has lost the zing that it/she/he used have as well. It used to be funny, satirical, and hard hitting; for the last four months or so, I just skip it.

I’m so sorry to see this drastic change in your paper.

I’m not sure what has happened and why the New Times business model has seemed to change, but it’s not a change for the better.

I'm appalled at Capps' deceptive moves

Glende St. Jean - Santa Maria -

Lie: an untrue statement intended to deceive. Liar: one who tells lies. The Capps campaign ran a TV ad in which they edited a statement by Chris Mitchum to make it sound as if he would not go to Washington to represent the 24th District. They intentionally omitted the remainder of his statements and ran the ad to mislead the public into thinking Mitchum said exactly the opposite of what he actually said. The ad was aired late in the campaign so Mitchum would not have the opportunity to rebut.

Consider the ethics of the liars who concocted this contemptible filth. Then consider the ethics of our now re-elected Democrat representative Lois Capps who stated her name and that she “approved of this message.” Since the ad is a blatant lie, my question to you, Lois, is what does that make you? Must you resort to lies and distortion to win your re-election, and if so why? You are the best example of what is wrong with Congress and politicians in general. Senators and congressmen/congresswomen once were referred to as “honorable.” Is there anyone out there who would call a stunt like this honorable?

The following is for your benefit, congresswoman: Ethics: the basic principles of right action, especially with reference to a particular person, profession, etc. If this is the caliber of representation our district has, then I, for one, am unrepresented in this Congress. I’ll be smoked alive if I’ll quietly accept despicable actions such as this. Shame on you, Lois Capps! Shame on your campaign people! Shame on the TV stations that aired this preposterous lie, and shame on the Democratic Party for condoning such deceitfulness (look this preceding word up yourself, Lois).

God help this country from the people we elect and those who vote them in.