Thursday, December 8, 2016     Volume: 31, Issue: 20

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Should Ethnobotanica be allowed to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Nipomo?

Yes. The Board of Supervisors bought into law enforcement's bogus scare tactics and made the wrong decision.
They should be allowed to open their dispensary, but not in Nipomo. That place has enough problems as it is.
No. The county should limit marijuana availability to mobile delivery services only.
Ban all marijuana! I've watched Reefer Madness enough times to know it's dangerous!

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New Times / Letters to the Editor

Don't forget to stop at crosswalks

Betty Kennedy - San Luis Obispo -

November and December are the months for giving thanks.

I am thankful for the drivers who actually stop for my friends and me at crosswalks and sidewalks.

Whether we’re walking at night with a flashlight or our beautiful sun is shining brightly, you always stop—thanks.

The rest of the drivers are teaching future drivers it’s OK to run over anyone attempting to cross the street.

When your child, grandchild, etc., learns to drive they can be proud of your example—it’s OK to run over anyone attempting to cross any street while in a crosswalk.

Please, stop for us while we’re in a crosswalk.

Besides its being the law, it’s also the neighborly thing to do.

Thanks to all drivers for stopping.

Let's get that marine sanctuary going

Frank DePasquale - Cambria -

We are at a crossroads regarding the protection of our oceans of the world. We can do our part by supporting the establishment of the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary proposed off of our Central Coast waters. We are graced with some of the most beautiful shorelines in the world. National Marine Sanctuaries are not only good for the environment, but they stimulate the economy. Restaurants, hotels, aquariums, boat tours, kayak operators, sport fishing, surfing, and other forms of aquatic tourist activities all benefit from a clean and healthy ocean.

The results of the November election will make this task much more difficult. In the profound and prophetic words of Bob Dylan: “You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times they are a changing.” This was true in 1964, and 52 years later it is even more true. It is imperative that we act now. Please go to and sign the petition. We are running out of time.

A horrific choice for Poly

Allan Cooper - San Luis Obispo -

I was horrified to read that Milo Yiannopoulos has been invited by the Cal Poly College Republicans to speak at the Spanos Theater on Jan. 31, 2017. This self-described “alt-right” conservative has engaged in hate speech against Muslims, minorities, immigrants, and women. Cal Poly Public Relations Director Matt Lazier stated in response to this invitation that Cal Poly is an “open environment where opinions, ideas, and thoughts are freely shared… .” Does this so-called “open environment” include hate speech? Cal Poly’s President Jeffrey D. Armstrong has repeatedly spoken out against hate and bigotry.

As recently as November Cal Poly students protested anti-Islamic and anti-gender fluidity statements written on a “Free Speech Wall” erected annually by the Cal Poly College Republicans on the Dexter Lawn to commemorate the toppling of the Berlin Wall. President Armstrong, in a letter to students, touted the university’s efforts to curb such incidents and improve the campus environment for all students.

Unless President Armstrong is all talk and no walk, I expect the president and Cal Poly’s recently established Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity to intervene and bar this bigot from speaking on-campus.

Talk radio: Stop spreading misinformation

David Deick - Atascadero -

I heard FOX News radio talker John Gibson say that liberals don’t care about saving jobs; that’s why all the jobs have left the country. Not a direct quote, but that was his sentiment. I took offense to that comment and have been thinking about it for a while. It seems to me he said it to foment hostility on the right. I would hope, now that the right has total control of our government, they would dial down the rhetoric and stop goading their listeners into believing lies about the left. His supposition about the left wanting to keep America unemployed so they are dependent on government and liberals for their sustenance is totally without factual evidence. Wanting a safety net is not the same as keeping people dependent. It is obvious Mr. Gibson has never lived in poverty for an extended period of time. Most conservatives think, “you should pull yourself up by your own bootstraps,” but those on food stamps are working hard trying to make ends meet, thank you very much Mr. Gibson. We all have a story to tell. Some on food stamps are deadbeats, who don’t want to work and don’t mind a subsistence living, but that is not the norm.

If the right wanted to heal this country, as Mr. Trump has made his goal, they should stop saying inflammatory statements keeping their base riled up, believing that deadbeat liberals are ruining the country. Continuing to perpetuate the lie about climate change being a hoax is not helping either. The Trumpster will make non-believers change their mind on that one, leaving them holding a very hot empty bag, (like he did to his “birther” followers).