Thursday, June 30, 2016     Volume: 30, Issue: 49

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Justin Vineyards and Winery said they won’t plant a vineyard on the land where they clear cut acres of native trees. What should be done with the property?

Put it in conservation for perpetuity, and hope the moonscape can recover.
Build tiny homes. Homeless people deserve to be surrounded by beauty also!
Sell it to someone that dry farms, like everyone else surrounding the property.
Let them keep it and do whatever they damn well please. It’s their property!

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Out of reach: Paso Robles looks to an unsuspecting place for solutions to homelessness

Cover Story

Out of reach: Paso Robles looks to an unsuspecting place for solutions to homelessness


New Times headed to Paso Robles to find out what services are being offered for the homeless. Check out the slideshow. On a blisteringly hot day in Paso Robles, Steve Bentley walks down Riverside Avenue toward the Second Baptist Church.  Not on his way to Sunday mass, Bentley, 40, is homeless and in need of a meal on a Tuesday. Luckily for him and dozens of others, the ... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Articles

Letter To The Editor: Good riddance, Diablo


Justin Vineyards halts vineyard project amid widespread outcry


After becoming Public Enemy No. 1 following a massive clear cut of native tree habitat, the owners of Justin Vineyards and Winery apologized for what happened on their propert...

Busy courts in SLO County mean more cash for public defender firm


The local law firm charged with providing public defender services will see an increase in its multi-million dollar contract with SLO County, thanks to an increase in its work...

SLO Superior Court says Pasolivo must prepare EIR


A year after the controversial decision from the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors gave Pasolivo the go ahead to expand its olive oil production and host events, a r...

Arroyo Grande city manager ousted


Arroyo Grande City Manager Dianne Thompson found herself out of a job after less than a year when the City Council voted to fire her June 28. The City Council voted unanimous...

Morro Bay bans new secondary dwelling vacation rentals


In an effort to preserve a supply of affordable housing, the Morro Bay City Council on June 28 introduced an ordinance that prohibits the use of secondary dwelling units as va...

Cannabis valley: The sudden proliferation of marijuana grows in the California Valley worries residents


There are many words that could be used to describe the California Valley: flat, hot, sunny, rural, remote, lawless, desolate, dry. Soon, a new descriptor can go on that list:...

Out of time: Mother accused of abusing terminally ill daughter speaks out, denies allegations


Susanne Krout’s daughter is dying. The 28-year-old, a former Cal Poly graduate, suffers from a rare genetic disorder that leads to the build up of iron in her brain. The di...

Cougars & Mustangs


We here at Cougars and Mustangs tend to speak about four main topics: Cuesta College, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in general, and Zombies. It’s not often we get to talk about ...


Violence and the illusion of safety


With the tragic killing in Orlando fresh on our minds, there is again another push to ban and limit firearms. Let’s shelve firearms for a moment and look at what Orlando was...


Lamest movie review ever

By Nicole Dorfman - Morro Bay

Your write-up of the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe was the lamest synopsis I have seen in your Film section. I appreciate you allowing me to flesh it out and desc...

Increase the on-call wage for social workers

By Lance Hillsinger - San Luis Obispo

I was surprised to learn that the average salary at Diablo Canyon is $157,000. This is about three times the average for a county employee. Federal regulations, I am sure, re...

More urban sprawl in Paso Robles

By Gerald Manata - Paso Robles

On June 21, the Paso Robles City Council voted 4-0 to add another 271 homes to the city on what was originally zoned agricultural land. Since the whole area, as well as all of...

So glad Bob Cuddy's back

By Evelyn Cole - Arroyo Grande

Thank you, New Times, for bringing Bob Cuddy back into our lives. I missed him when he left The Tribune. His commentary, “Guts are important,” in the June 23 issue is pure...

The haves vs. the have-nots

By Becky Jorgeson - Santa Margarita

I’m confused. Will someone please explain to me the difference between people who are homeless and sleep in their vehicles and the half-million full-time snowbirds who sleep...

Good riddance, Diablo

By Jim Griffin - San Luis Obispo

Diablo Canyon is finally shutting down. It should never have been built, especially over two earthquake-prone fault lines. In fact, as we can see now, no nuclear power plants ...

Donate Justin Vineyards for homeless housing

By Pearl Munak - Paso Robles

Why not donate the Justin Vineyards’ 375-acre property to a nonprofit housing the homeless? There aren’t enough beds in the two shelters we have. Hope’s Village SLO has ...

The Senate has been hijacked

By Jim McKrell - Atascadero

I write this with a heavy heart as I have witnessed the U.S. Senate display completely its loyalty to neither the majority of citizens nor representative democracy. I am even ...


POM Terrible!

"We’re so sorry, Uncle Paso. We’re so sorry if we caused you any pain.” By now you’ve no doubt heard about the bulldozing of ancient native oaks at Justin Vineyards. ...

Street Talk

Has the construction downtown affected you?

Mariah Marten-Ray Kaya Moody Kazimir Pafelski George Sullivan

Strokes and Plugs

California spirit: Barrel-aged rum gets a West Coast twist from Calivore Spirits


You know you’re in for a treat the moment they open the briefcase. Inside the specially molded case is where Aaron Bergh and Luke Beaton, the minds behind Calivore Spirits,...


A light shines through: Central Coast artists celebrate LGBT community amidst tragedy at GALA's 20 Years of Pride Show


Husbands Joseph and Jack Griffin-Janey said “I do” three times, and each time it was to each other. While three marriage ceremonies for one couple may seem extravagant, on...

A change in perspective: Georganna Dean's journey to photography


Every morning before the sun rose, she could be found rolling dough and preparing cakes, pies, croissants, and Danishes to be picked up by local restaurants in Nevada City, Ca...

Butterflies Alive! exhibit soars in Santa Barbara


After saying hello to Chad—the 70-plus-foot blue whale skeleton that greets visitors at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History on May 30—I enter the museum, pay my du...

Morro Bay Art Association to host silk painting demonstration


Ever wondered how intricate mandalas or vibrant, detailed flowers are painted on silk pillows, robes, and more? Well, wonder no more. The Morro Bay Art Association is hosting...

Invisible Abundance video installation at Cuesta challenges perceptions


Sometimes, it’s just never enough. The money, the cars, the bling. Because a lack of shiny things reminds us that, well, we could lack even more. So we work and work to make...

Blast from the Past: Strange Days


When? 1995  |  Where? DVD only  |  Rated? R. While it’s not a genre you hear talked about all that much, gritty science fiction noir has been around long enough to cu...


Slightly Stoopid headlines on July 3rd at Avila Beach Resort


It’s officially summer, which means long, warm, sunny days and beachside concerts from the likes of Slightly Stoopid, the Ocean Beach-based ska/thrash band whose sound first...


'Free State of Jones' depicts a fascinating episode of little-known Civil War history

Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Seabiscuit, The Hunger Games) directs Matthew McConaughey as Newton Knight, a Mississippian who during the Civil War led an armed rebellion against...


Trifecta! Port, wine, and brandy flow from Pendray's Distillery


Maybe it’s the striking, steam punk look of all the bells and whistles, like an old train chugging through wilderness. Maybe it’s the storied history of booze-making in Am...

Hayley's Pick

Zenaida Cellars 2014 ZC Reda and Grey Wolf Cellars 2015 Soul Mate

Hello juicy, perfectly rare tri-tip! Hello baked beans! Hello cheap sunglasses I’ll probably lose in the ocean! Hello summer! Meet my friend, Zenaida Cellars 2014 ZC Red, yo...

Hot Dates

Summer swag

Pick up some new summery artwork in SLO at Gallery at the Network’s Summer, Sun, Beaches &  Fun show and sale, July 1 through 31. Handmade, summer-inspired items such a...

Musical delight

Check out the sweet sounds of Willy Wonka the Musical, onstage at the Performing Arts Center in SLO, July 9 through 16. The play is based on the Gene Wilder film adaption of R...

Fun for the 4th

The Southern County Historical Society will be serving hot dogs, lemonade, and ice cream while the Village Band performs for the Fourth of July celebration at the Rotary Bands...