Monday, February 8, 2016     Volume: 30, Issue: 28

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Are you worried about gang violence increasing or coming in from nearby counties?

Yes. We can kiss the Happiest Town in America title goodbye.
I'm more worried about white collar crooks like Kelly Gearhart, Jay Miller, and Al Moriarty.
No. Our law enforcement is more than equipped to handle the problem.
It's inevitable unless we beef up outreach and social services for vulnerable youth.

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Dust warriors: A band of SLO County men pool their money together and head to Baja for the love of motorcycles

Cover Story

Dust warriors: A band of SLO County men pool their money together and head to Baja for the love of motorcycles


Some men turn 50 and decide to buy a flashy hot rod.  When Dan Argano of San Luis Obispo turned 50, he and a few buddies pooled their money to buy a custom designed motorcycle and signed them up to compete in a nearly 1,000 mile off-road race in another country this past November. “I’d just as soon drive all the way to Mexico to ride, that’s how much I like ridi... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Articles



Pismo man sues after he's injured by exploding e-cigarette


A Pismo Beach man who says he was severely injured by an exploding e-cigarette filed a lawsuit against the device’s manufacturer, and the local shop that provided it to him....

Lawsuit tests new SLO County water conservation ordinance


A writ of mandate filed Jan. 25 is challenging a new water conservation ordinance that, among other things, regulates water use atop the ailing Paso Robles groundwater basin. ...

Phillips 66 responds to county report on rail project


Just days before a controversial rail extension project is set to come before the SLO County Planning Commission, oil giant Phillips 66 responded to a county staff report that...

Homeless oversight council seeks shelter crisis declarations


With nearly three-fourths of the county’s roughly 1,500 homeless spending their nights unsheltered and in increasingly harsh winter conditions, the SLO County Board of Super...

SLO County bans synthetic drugs


There’s nothing nice about spice. At least that’s what local law enforcement has been saying. On Feb. 2, SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson asked the Board of Supervisors ...

SLO County supervisors to talk medical marijuana on Feb. 9


San Luis Obispo County may be the only local government to successfully avoid passing hasty and controversial restrictions on medical marijuana cultivation. That feat, howeve...


• For the Jan. 21 cover story “Hard to Swallow,” the chemicals known as PFOA and PFOS were not found in samples of San Luis Obispo city water, as the data indicated what...

Pesky dilemma: The EPA finds that a pesticide used to fight the citrus psyllid could have consequences for bees


If you want to suppress the spread of the Asian citrus psyllid, you start with the roots.  At least that’s what the California Department of Food and Agriculture is pushin...

Coastal erosion: Talk of firing the Coastal Commission's executive director has supporters bringing the ruckus to Morro Bay


A major political storm encircling one of California’s most loved and loathed state agencies is coming to Morro Bay. On Feb. 10 at the Inn at Morro Bay, the California Coas...

Cougars & Mustangs


This may come as a surprise, but Cougars & Mustangs is not the only source in which information about Cal Poly can be discovered. I know, I know, it’s shocking that a ...


Debating fire


The gun-control debate has mostly revolved around interpretation of the Second Amendment. It would be more productive, instead, to focus on societal ramifications of the preva...


Templeton hospital is too large for location

By Patricia and Bruce Everett - Templeton

Yes, SLO County is in need of a behavioral health hospital. However, the proposed 91-bed behavioral health facility, plus 60-bed assisted living care facility, just approved b...

Enable people to help build their future housing

By Janine Elich - SLO County

More programs like Peoples’ Self-Help Housing would greatly improve the availability of affordable housing. Most of the people I know are working two jobs and barely paying ...

Morro Bay doesn't need a Sea World

By Mark Garman - Cambria

The Central Coast Aquarium should honor their promise to release their two captive giant Pacific octopi. These are highly intelligent creatures. By purchasing display animals ...

Support tiny homes for the homeless

By Jerry Rioux - executive director, SLO County Housing Trust Fund

Tiny homes are all the rage these days, with at least four network TV shows and countless websites promoting them. Tiny homes are a great option for people who want to reduce ...


Very idiotic people

Remember how cool James Dean looked when he smoked? Man, he was cool. Of course, back then the tobacco industry had everyone fooled with advertisements making spurious claim...

Street Talk

Should SLO County cities declare a homeless shelter crisis to open up municipal buildings as warming centers?

Alanna Shelley Kelsey Wright Rebekah Rivera Natalie Bartholow

Strokes and Plugs

Flower Power: Volunteer team distributes blooms to assisted living and hospice


Every Wednesday morning for the past decade, Shell Beach resident Steve Bennett starts up his Toyota 4-Runner and drives south to Nipomo. Though he’s retired, Bennett is goi...


Los Osos artist Robbie Conal creates political commentary with street art


The general population doesn’t necessarily frequent art shows on the regular. As a young artist, Robbie Conal picked this tidbit up pretty quickly and decided to take his ar...

Great American Melodrama stirs up laughs with 'The 39 Steps'


The new year is still fresh, and after a short holiday break, the Great American Melodrama is back at it again, this time with a small-cast comedy of espionage and intrigue, T...

Men camp, solve all the world's problems, and then wake up in the rain


It’s Saturday, Jan. 30, and I’m eating a chicken waffle at Southern Station in Santa Margarita. It’s my first and it’s just like it sounds: a waffle with a big pat of ...

Atascadero Performing Arts Committee presents 'Love Letters' Feb. 12

Everyone always wonders about the one that got away and how different life would have been if that special person had stayed. Take your valentine out to a whimsical night at ...

President of Central Coast Little League releases 'A Youngster's Guidebook of How to Play Baseball'

As spring approaches, the youth of America have one thing on their minds: baseball. But where to start for the young baseball newbie? Never fear, local Joe Pace, president of...


Jody Mulgrew officially releases his new album with a Feb. 6th Steynberg Gallery concert


On Jody Mulgrew’s new album As the Sun Reclaims the Sky, he keeps things decidedly simple—just an acoustic guitar with a touch of electric or viola or a smartphone drum ma...


‘Anomalisa’ is a touching, perplexing look at relationships, depression, and the human existence

In this stop-motion animated featured, a man named Michael Stone (David Thewlis) trudges through a mundane world. Every person he meets is a bland repetition of every other ...


Cold-pressed juices and superfruit for what ails you at Seeds in SLO


Take a look inside the newest juice bar in SLO. A  female honeybee lands on a wild flower, its stamen full of seductive, powdery pollen. With the help of a dab of honey brou...

Hayley's Pick

Sidecar's Caveman Bloody Mary and Copia Vineyards' 2014 The Reason Viognier<

While you’re all at church this Sunday, I’ll be at Sidecar, indulging in some epic gluttony (the best sin ever!). What can I say? When a bloody comes with spicy bacon, chi...

Hot Dates

What a circus

Spend your Valentine’s Day weekend enjoying the high-flying acts of Suspended Motion Aerial Arts in SLO at their Cabaret Circus, Feb. 12 and 13 at 7 p.m. The show will featu...

Take a peek

The Piedras Blancas Light Station in San Simeon turns 141 this year and is celebrating with Peek at the Past on Feb. 13, a living history tour featuring guides and actors in p...

Art of glass

If you’re hanging out at Big Sky Café in SLO check out Rock, Sand & Fire: Beyond Traditional Glass, an exhibit of stained glass window and wall sculptures, on display t...