Friday, March 6, 2015     Volume: 29, Issue: 32

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Are vaccinations helpful or harmful?

Of course they’re helpful; anti-vaxxers are putting people in danger.
Of course they’re harmful; there’s a lot of misinformation about vaccines.
I think they’re helpful, but I’m still worried about side effects.
I hear measles is a great way to get ready for bikini season.

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Diary of an arrest: Was an October arrest in Paso Robles an overly aggressive bungle or a messy success?

Cover Story

Diary of an arrest: Was an October arrest in Paso Robles an overly aggressive bungle or a messy success?


The first punch appears to connect with Justin Silvernale’s stomach, roughly one minute after the second officer arrives on scene and about four seconds after the other officer’s failed attempt to place Silvernale in handcuffs. Paso Robles Officer Michael Rickerd followed with three quick jabs to Silvernale’s side, before he, Silvernale, and Officer Jeffrey DePetro s... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Articles



Pismo Beach City Council backtracks on mobile medical marijuana dispensaries


After they were lit up by a vocal group of critics, Pismo Beach City Council members declined to pursue a ban on mobile medical marijuana dispensaries during their March 3 mee...

An impasse continues between teachers and district officials of the Lucia Mar Unified School District


With two groups no closer to breaking a months-long stalemate in contract negotiations, a strike is still very much on the table for teachers of the Lucia Mar Unified School D...

Landowner wants to move Ontario Ridge trail, again


Rob McCarthy makes no bones about it: He wants to move the popular Ontario Ridge hiking trail off his property, and he considers the trail to be unsafe. Though McCarthy lost ...

San Luis Obispo introduces e-cigarette regulation


Smoke ’em while you got ’em—in public, at least. In a unanimous decision, the San Luis Obispo City Council voted to introduce an ordinance that will treat electronic "e...

Cambria CSD receives Notice of Violation from water board over Emergency Water Supply project


After roughly 5 1/2 weeks of an emergency water treatment plant operating in Cambria, that town’s Community Services District got its first slap on the wrist in what’s bee...

Supes to consider a program designed to fast track small-scale solar projects


A program designed to fast-track the approval of small-scale solar projects in the county has passed the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission and is headed for the Board...

Dune developments: A pair of recent advances may point to a status quo change on the Oceano Dunes


Ever since vehicles started driving on the Oceano Dunes, there have essentially been two camps: those who support the activity and those concerned about its impacts. Neither ...

Cougars & Mustangs


With regard to such factors as how long you’ve been in the area, how much you pay attention, and whaaever else this generalized introductory sentence carelessly forgot, you ...


Fukushima at 4


On March 11, the fourth anniversary of the tragic nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Californians should pause to consider both their good luck and their potential fate. Luck, tha...


Humans built Diablo ...

Sam Casalina, Ph.D. - Arroyo Grande

Frequent letters in support of nuclear energy in other local papers contain opinions not in the realm of reality. Reducing the source of CO2 emissions by increasing the use of...

We need to turn public opinion on war around

Jim Griffin - San Luis Obispo

The drums of war are beating still--more atrocity stories (horrible without a doubt) to shock the people into supporting military action. Only a few TV pundits have dared to m...

Support Bob Banner via crowdfunding

William L. Seavey - Cambria

Even though I don’t really need to raise money for my various entrepreneurial endeavors, I’m fascinated by crowdfunding and so happy it is working for so many in SLO Count...

Not cool, council 
and Firestone

Terry Mohan - San Luis Obispo

Literally a slap in the face of all the residents of San Luis Obispo. Council persons Ashbaugh, Christianson, and Rivoire delivered yet another insult to their constituents by...


Still breathing

That’s what my Grandma would say when I asked her how she was doing. “Oh, I’m still breathing.”  It used to annoy me. I thought it was a cheap ploy to remind me of ...

Street Talk

What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

Carson Landers Nicole Giraldi Woody Calderwood Dustin Collins

Strokes and Plugs

Expect the unexpected: Left Field in SLO puts an unusual spin on home goods


Looking for something unusual and quirky with which to fill your home? Left Field, a new home goods store in San Luis Obispo, has the answer. Airy and filled with natural ligh...


SLO Film Festival kicks off with a diverse and star-studded lineup


Giant pumpkins, surfing stars, broomstick-based sports, and acclaimed filmmakers. The 21st annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival offers all of these this year in ...

Installation artist Sheila Pepe creates interactive exhibit at Cal Poly's University Art Gallery


There’s possibly no more comfortable place on the Cal Poly campus right now than the University Art Gallery. Within that white room, you’ll find all the plush features o...

The new SLO Skate Park, which opened to the public Feb. 28, is a skater paradise!


View a slideshow of the SLO Skate Park. I can’t wait for Saturday’s grand opening (plus I want to see the park without thousands of skaters all over it), so on Friday, Fe...

The Central Coast celebrates Women's History Month with a series of diverse and educational events


March marks the beginning of Women’s History Month. Though it seems inane to just have one month dedicated to women’s history (same goes for Black History Month), the occa...


Jackie Greene brings his soulful Americana to SLO Brew on March 11


The best way to describe Jackie Greene’s music is Americana, folk-rock, and blues, but there's no denying his music, lyrics, and voice are dripping with soul. Whether he's s...


'The Tale of Princess Kaguya' is beautiful looking but overly long

From Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke) comes this animated adaptation of the classic Japanese folktale about a young girl found inside a stalk of bamboo. Unde...


Build your own 'outdoor kitchen' complete with earthen oven at the SLO Botanical Garden


Let’s consider two scenarios. In the first, a 10-year-old kid grabs a plastic bag of bright orange, processed “baby carrots” and zonks out in front of the TV. In the se...

Hayley's Pick

William James Cellars' 2011 Chardonnay and Claiborne & Churchill's 2007 Nektar Orange Muscat California 
Ice Wine

My favorite Girl Scout cookies are an old staple: Thin Mints, chilled in the freezer. Or, at least I thought they were. After trying a few nibbles of citrusy Girl Scout lemona...

Hot Dates

In the raw

An exhibit of oil paintings by artist Louie Metz will be on view at Steynberg Gallery in SLO, March 6 through 30. Metz creates raw depictions of familiar subject matter like n...

Nice going

If you can, check out the Broadway musical Nice Work If You Can Get It, a 1920s-era love story about an affluent playboy and a bootlegger, onstage at the PAC Pavillion, March ...

Rock star

The work of Cambria photographer Arthur Tress will be on display at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, March 6 through May 10, in an exhibit titled About Morro Rock: 100 Views...