Thursday, August 28, 2014     Volume: 29, Issue: 5
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What should be done with the De Groot Home?

Leave it alone; they do good work there.
If they’re violating health laws, they should be brought into compliance.
The situation should be dealt with, but handled delicately because of how unique they are.
Would it help if I dumped some water on my head?

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After 37 years of operation, the De Groot Nursing Home for Children could be shuttered by state regulators

Cover Story

After 37 years of operation, the De Groot Nursing Home for Children could be shuttered by state regulators


Eighty-six-year-old Sjany de Groot shuffled slowly to a bed in the corner and rolled a small girl on her side, gently repositioning a thick plastic breathing tube as she did so. The girl was 10 years old, smothered as an infant by drug-addicted parents, de Groot said. She made slight wheezing sounds with each breath. The room filled with the lingering scent of a midday... [ Read More ]

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Atascadero Walmart project clears legal challenges


The legal challenges are over, and the proposed Walmart Supercenter slated for the north end of Atascadero has come through unscathed. After a citizen group challenging the...

Arroyo Grande 'incident' prompts concern, investigation


After a weeklong firestorm over a recently revealed July 3 incident involving Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams and Community Development Director Teresa McClish, the A.G...

Five Cal Poly athletes are officially charged and appear in court


On Aug. 22, the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office formally charged five Cal Poly student-athletes with a variety of felonies related to their alleged involve...

Morro Bay city councilmembers voted to approve a contract for a new city manager


Members of the Morro Bay City Council formally approved the contract for the city’s new city manager, despite one councilwoman changing her stance from an earlier report and...

Pismo Preserve is in the bag


At an unusually cheery San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors hearing on Aug. 26, the board unanimously approved an additional $400,000 to complete the purchase of the Pi...

Community Health Centers of the Central Coast is facing two sexual harassment lawsuits from former employees


The situations described seem almost identical: Two women, both receptionists hired within about a year of one another, allege that their respective bosses began sexually hara...

Find out which local City Council meetings run the longest, the shortest, and why it matters


It’s past midnight on a Tuesday. Across the county, most people are sound asleep. Even the bars are starting to empty. But there are a few places where people are still wi...

Cougars & Mustangs


Are you feeling a bit peckish? Have you, on numerous occasions, asserted your political ideology far past what is socially acceptable only to regretfully change your mind as y...


'These murderers are not our own'


Ed. note: Part one of this commentary ran in last week’s New Times. ISIS in Iraq has brought the issue of abhorrent expressions of the Islamic religion (Mis-lam) to the cen...

Keep solar work fair and money in the county


One morning you wake up to discover that your job is gone. You have been working for a steadily growing company with a 35-year history of providing innovative, reputable servi...


Plan A isn't working

G. McArthur Robertson - Morro Bay

What is our Plan B? What do we do if our planet heats further, and life as we know it drastically changes? Is doing nothing better than making some efforts? Assume that climat...

We can't assess what we can't read

Jane Swanson - San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace spokesperson

“Our eyes only” (Aug. 7) is outstanding work by reporter Colin Rigley. His story relates how the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has withheld the 2003 Sewell Report ab...

Treatment of athlete suspects is appalling

J. Gary Wilber - Morro Bay

If news reports are to be believed, five Poly football players attempted an armed robbery, assaulted a police officer, resisted arrest, assaulted a robbery victim and probably...

Good job, city of SLO!

Marty U'Ren - San Luis Obispo

There was the sound of jackhammers on the street this morning. City workers were tearing up the street. Seems there was a water leak reported last night. They have cut a large...


The metaphor bear

It’s time to talk about the 48-year-old American black bear in the room. Also, the black bear is really tall—like, hundreds of feet tall or something. I don’t know exact...

Street Talk

If you wrote a memoir about your life, what would it be called?

Lane Fitz Breanne Offerman Ivan Evans Joe Hewison

Strokes and Plugs

Mission Animal Hospital introduces ElderPet program


Animals can be a great comfort to people, young and old alike. But for some, getting their pets the medical treatment they need can be an onerous task, especially for senior...


SLO native and PCPA graduate Ben Abbott brings original play about gay Mormons to Steynberg Gallery


In the fall of 2008, Proposition 8 passed in California, thereby banning same-sex marriage within the state. It was an intensely controversial measure, only abetted by its p...

SLO Symphony features voice of prog rock band Yes, Jon Anderson, and singer-songwriter Inga Swearingen


As the summer winds down and school returns for most, there can be a sense of imminent disappointment. No more Saturdays spent sunning on the sand; no more spontaneous adven...

Find out who the big winners are at the Sixth Annual New Times Music Awards on Aug. 28 in SLO Brew!


This year marks the 56th Grammy Awards, which means the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has a 50-year head start on the Newties.  The Grammies are so old, ...

Cambria's Pewter Plough Playhouse stages reading of Julia Morgan play


Castle in the sky The Pewter Plough Playhouse in Cambria will be staging a reading of the play Arches, Balance and Light, a bio-fantasy about the life of Julia Morgan, by pla...


Amazing world fusion performance art act Beats Antique headlines a five-band show at Vina Robles on Aug. 31!


In “Revival,” Beats Antique begins with what could be described as gothic cartoon music, with weird xylophone sounds and a creepy melody, but then it’s suddenly interr...


'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' disappoints and drags with gross violence and sexism

Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller reunite to bring more of Miller’s Sin City graphic novels to the big screen. The film’s plot comes largely from the second...


Third Annual Mac and Cheese Fest unleashes our most intimate comfort food cravings


Although my middle name evokes her memory, I never had the chance to meet my grandmother, Vivian. What I do know about her is that she understood the power of mac and cheese. ...

Hayley's Pick

2012 VINTJS gewurztraminer and Black Horse Coffee's Generra

  2012 VINTJS gewurztraminer I’ll admit it. I’m a pretty cheap date. Just ask my hubby, Dr. Cain: A really good homemade salad (with plenty of crumbled goat cheese), an...

Hot Dates

It's that time

Be sure to make some time to attend The sixth annual New Times Music Awards, from 7 to 10 p.m., at SLO Brewing Co. on Aug. 28. The awards show will feature live performances b...

Take a walk

Help fight hunger by participating in the Food Bank Coalition’s sixth annual Hunger Walk on Sept. 20, in Morro Bay. You can participate as an individual or form a team to in...

Good to go

Be a good person and go see a production of Good People, a play by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright David Lindsey-Abaire, which is running Sept. 5 through 21 at the San Luis ...