Wednesday, August 24, 2016     Volume: 31, Issue: 4

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What's your favorite setting to see a movie?

In a good ol' fashion theater. There's just something about watching the big screen with a bunch of strangers.
The drive-in, if there's still one around. It's more cozy.
I like to rent and watch them at home. You never know what you'll dig up at the video store.
Who pays for movies anymore? Free download, couch, cheap popcorn.

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New Times celebrates 30 with a look back at some of the stories that affected our writers' lives

Cover Story

New Times celebrates 30 with a look back at some of the stories that affected our writers' lives


Not every newspaper—daily, weekly, alternative, or otherwise—functions in quite the same way that New Times does. It’s a 30-year-old paper with a legacy of an awkwardly intimate relationship with the community it serves, which definitely leaves a mark on all who wander through its pages. This mark is especially deep for the journalists who crawled into its newsr... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Articles

Cover Story: Getting it right


Chimney Fire scorches 30 homes, grows to 7,300 acres


Lee Johnson, 89, considers himself lucky to be alive.  A resident of South Shore Village, a small community on the southwestern shore of Lake Nacimiento, Johnson and a dozen...

Local construction company bets on Carpenter in SLO supes race


Last week, leaked emails between SLO County 3rd District Supervisor Adam Hill and employees of some of the county’s most prominent businesses appeared to contain Hill chidin...

SLO Supervisors extend urgency ordinance protecting native trees


Before the San Luis Obispo County Supervisors considered extending an urgency native tree protection ordinance on Aug. 16, a tense cloud hung above the heads of the ordinance'...

Phillips 66 seeks six-month delay in rail spur hearing


The oil company proposing one of SLO County’s most controversial projects is asking the SLO County Planning Commission to wait six months before taking up the issue again. ...

Supes to consider urgency ordinance banning new marijuana grows


The land-use rules for growing medical marijuana may significantly change in San Luis Obispo County on Aug. 23, when the Board of Supervisors will consider an urgency ordinanc...

Colorblind: Are SLO County's charter schools diverse enough?


Editor's Note: This story is a follow up to "Parent trap," a story about SLO County charter schools that ran Aug. 11, 2016. California has long been known as a melting pot, f...

Cougars & Mustangs


Perhaps I’m just an old Izzet Mage at heart, but I believe “experiment,” when used within reason, is one of the most beautiful words in the English language. It’s far ...


The liberal narrative


The real problem facing our nation is putting incomplete police videos in the hands of people like Zaf Iqbal, and letting them judge incidents for which they are unqualified t...

A different picture


In Tom Reynar's commentary, which he also sent to me personally, "The liberal narrative," he states, "The real problem facing our nation ... ." Our nation does not have just o...


Code Pink is not a hate group

By Janet Allenspach - Los Osos

I was saddened to read the letter Phyllis Stout wrote about Dawn Ortiz Legg (Aug. 11, “Code Pink is an embarrassment”). I have known Dawn for many years, and she is a comp...

Code Pink supports our veterans

By Dian Sousa - Los Osos

As one of the co-founders of SLO Code Pink, I hope to educate Phyllis Stout on her dim knowledge of our organization and more importantly, her egregious untruths about 35th Di...

Don't editorialize by omission

By Carolyn Atkinson - Los Osos

Editor's Note: The following letter has not been edited—at all. I find it incredible that a publication feels they can manipulate the substance of a Letter to the Editor. ...

Dear 'New Times' readers: for the record

By New Times - San Luis Obispo

The above letter to the editor references a letter that was published in New Times on Aug. 11 by Phyllis Stout from Arroyo Grande (“Code Pink is an embarrassment”). There ...

What have you done to protect our oaks?

By Christine Harvey - Arroyo Grande

At long last, someone has supplied us with a thorough, well thought-out scenario that it will take many, many years to correct the thoughtless actions of others due to greed a...



Hey Congress, in case you want to know how that whole government thing is supposed to work, look no further than the SLO County Board of Supervisors, which proved on Tuesday, ...

Street Talk

What was the toughest fire you worked this summer and why?

Mike Ippoliti Craig Vanderzwaag Steve Klein John Palozzi

Strokes and Plugs

Tests for your pets: Mission Animal Hospital offers free check-ups for elderly dogs and cats


Medical costs are high, and tend to get higher as one gets older. This is true for both humans and their furry friends, but luckily for the latter, Mission Animal Hospital is ...


Cracked earth: Arroyo Grande artist Trent Burkett brings minimalist exhibit to SLOMA


An energetic toddler shrieks, “Mommy, they’re monsters!” immediately after he walks through the door. His dad gently corrects him. “No, they’re sculptures.” To ...

Dinosaur Caves Park in Shell Beach is a gorgeous day trip


View a slideshow of Glen Starkey's trip to Dino Caves. Coastal fog enshrouds Shell Beach as my wife and I—filled with chorizo and eggs from Zorro’s Café and Cantina, nat...

GALA Center seeks art submissions for election-themed exhibit


To say that this election season is going off the rails is quite the understatement. It’s a time when up is down and close friends and family quickly become deleted on Faceb...

Studios on the Park presents The Military Experience in Art: Protecting Freedom


In an era where some say a certain presidential candidate could easily start the next world war, it’s good to take a moment of reflection and look back in time in the hope t...

Bingeable: Stranger Things


When? 2016  |  Where? Streaming on Netflix. Government conspiracies, parallel universes, bloodthirsty monsters, and a badass girl with psychokinetic powers—does televis...


Kristen Black releases her eclectic new album on Aug. 20 at Tap It Brewing Co.


On her sophomore solo release, Can’t Bring Me Down, Kristen Black proves she’s a musical chameleon, playing everything from hooky pop on lead track “The One” to Tedesc...


‘Hell or High Water’ delivers well-developed characters in an intense crime drama

David Mackenzie (Starred Up, Perfect Sense, Hallam Foe) directs Taylor Sheridan’s (Sicario) crime drama about brothers Tanner (Ben Foster) and Toby Howard (Chris Pine), th...


Happiness is the whole hog: Granada Bistro is roasting a pig a week for an epic farmers' market feast


At roughly 200 pounds, the spotted Berkshire hog is rotund, marbled, and ready for harvest. His card, so to speak, is up. One day he’s snorting around the trough on a Fresno...

Hayley's Pick

Granada's Grapefruit Jalapeno soda and Zocker Winery's Gruner Veltliner

My favorite SLO farmers’ market is intimate, cozy, and near my house: the Madonna Plaza market on Saturday mornings. However, there’s still no beating a hectic march down ...

Hot Dates

On the rogue

The Great American Melodrama in Oceano presents an updated version of the Steele MacKaye play A Witless Rogue, onstage through Sept. 18. The play tells the story of Lady Laura...

Autumn ambience

Handmade crafts that capture the feel of autumn harvest on the Central Coast will be on display and up for sale at Gallery at the Network in SLO in an exhibit titled Autumn Bl...

All souped up

Grover Beach’s annual Stone Soup Music Festival and Street Faire will be serving up two full days of music, food, and craft vendors, Aug. 27 from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and A...