Thursday, April 2, 2015     Volume: 29, Issue: 36

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Are invasive species problematic?

Oh yes; humans need to be more careful in how we impact the environment.
Nah, it’s survival of the fittest, bro.
No more so than all the other things humans do.
Only when they try to butt in on my private conversations at parties.

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Grass attack: Efforts to manage veldt grass in the Guadalupe dunes go aerial

Cover Story

Grass attack: Efforts to manage veldt grass in the Guadalupe dunes go aerial


A helicopter rises from behind the hills, fields of strawberries and broccoli stretching for miles into the distance. The pilot moves toward a specific target, then releases a foggy, wet dust from a 17-foot spray boom, carpeting the ground—and, more specifically, the plants growing there. Clouds of herbicide sink through the morning air, floating over a series of 34-foot... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Articles



After bailing out of SLO County Jail, Justin Silvernale has been arrested and charged in Monterey County


Days after his release from the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a $50,000 bail, 31-year-old Justin Silvernale was arrested in Monterey County. Silvernale was in jail facing 10...

Six SLO County grocery stores change hands


Sometime in the first full week of April, six San Luis Obispo County Albertsons and Vons outlets will close. Roughly 46 hours later, they’ll reopen as completely different s...

The San Luis Obispo City Council officially approves an odor ordinance


Despite opposition from some residents and two San Luis Obispo city councilmen, it’ll soon be illegal to make a stink in SLO. On an identical 3-2 vote, the SLO City Council...

Morro Bay attorney and former planning commissioner John Patrick Fennacy pleaded not guilty to charges of embezzlement, but was more recently arrested on a suspected DUI


A Morro Bay attorney and former planning commissioner who pleaded not guilty to charges of felony embezzlement has now been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influenc...

Paso Robles Planning Commission will reconsider rezoning for cardrooms


A zoning matter that quickly went from routine to contentious before the Paso Robles City Council in July 2014 has made its way back around and is again on the table for city ...

Lucia Mar Unified Teacher's Association authorizes strike


The Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association (LMUTA) voted on March 26 to authorize a strike in the midst of deadlocked salary negotiations with the district. The vote enables t...


• A recent article (‘Swirling sands,’ March 26) misstated a fact. A friend drove Jennifer Bouvette to the hospital on the night of Jan. 30. • A caption in the March 1...

Tinder by the Sea: Cambria and SLO County officials scurry to address fire dangers posed by a dying forest


View a video about the current fire situation in Cambria. In Cambria, where a hazardous mix of conditions has elevated fire risks, officials are facing a steep uphill battle....

Cougars & Mustangs


Pandemonium erupted in the Cuesta cafeteria last week upon the discovery that the infamous Team Rocket, a criminal organization long believed to have disbanded, had vandalized...


We do not want a Republican budget


Is it still the belief of those on the right side of the aisle that trickle-down economics is actually supposed to work? The new Republican-proposed federal budget suggests cu...


Maybe in the Old Testament ...

Susan Heinemann - Morro Bay

In the St. Fratty’s Day incident, who pays for the damage to the garage roof? It certainly was not “an act of God!”

An ailing daily has killed good government

Richard Schmidt - San Luis Obispo

Will Bob Cuddy’s casting light on reasons for the rotten reportage of our daily alleged newspaper start a conversation on this subject (“A change is coming,” March 26)? ...

This is not an art controversy

Dean Arrighi - San Luis Obispo

I just read the New Times article “The debate of public art in SLO” (March 19), and have to say that there is no controversy regarding the utility box art at Broad and Pis...


RW King - Suey Creek

Are you Lucia Mar Unified School Board members for real? Are you really going to compliantly watch your superintendent treat your most vital resource, your teachers, as if th...

The cost of closing Diablo Canyon

Mark Henry - San Luis Obispo

When Diablo Canyon is shut down, its electrical production will have to be replaced by another source of energy. It cannot be renewable resources, as the existing renewable re...


Guys just wanna have fun ...

I’m all for dudes just being dudes, hanging out, shootin’ the breeze over a few brewskis, robbing a bank or two, eating some feces, organizing a mayoral recall effort, may...

Street Talk

What is your dream prank for April Fool’s?

Caitlin Adams Janet Elder-Nichols Jason Mendoza Kestrel Dabill

Strokes and Plugs

Booked on phonics: National Library Week kicks off April 11


The image of a library is generally that of a dour, hushed room filled with dusty, yellowed books, and a stern, bespectacled librarian glaring from behind a desk. In other wor...


Author Max Brooks visits Cal Poly to talk writing and his new graphic novel, 'The Harlem Hellfighters'


When Max Brooks was 11 years old, he heard a story that has stuck with him ever since. At the time, a UCLA history grad student was working with Brooks’ parents (filmmaker M...

Intimately connected: SLO gallery Left Field presents its second art exhibit, Intimate Jest


Left Field prides itself on offering an extensive mélange of plants and novelty curios to the people of San Luis Obispo. Spiny succulents, prismatic objets d’art, and terra...

The Rides of March delivers a smashing (not crashing) event March 27 to 29


What a weekend! I can still smell the two-stroke-oil-infused gasoline. It seems to permeate my skin, but it’s a grand memory of all the fun we had: It all starts around 7 p...

Steynberg Gallery presents Lena Rushing in solo show, Methods of Madness


Swallows falling from the sky, looming alligators, bats burrowed in candy cane-colored hair. These are just a taste of the fantastical details to be found in Lena Rushing’s ...

SLO County libraries host National Poetry Month events


T.S. Eliot may consider April to be “the cruelest month,” but we all know it’s the opposite. One, my birthday is in April (always a celebratory occasion). And two, April...


Andrew Jackson Jihad brings its subversive folk-punk to SLO Brew on April 8


There’s something joyfully subversive about Andrew Jackson Jihad, a Phoenix-based folk-punk act playing SLO Brew on Wednesday, April 8 (8 p.m.; all ages; $15). Take, for ins...


'It Follows' shocks and surprises with sexual terror and sleek style

In this critically acclaimed horror movie, a teenage girl named Jay (Maika Monroe) becomes the victim of a mysterious curse after she has sex with a boy named Hugh (Jake Wea...


Pucker up!: Libertine's defiantly sour brews set to splash into SLO


Libertine Pub Brewer/Owner Tyler Clark approached our Monday morning interview in much the same way he approaches brewing his fiercely-beloved sour beers: With a free-flowing ...

Hayley's Pick

Pelletiere Estate's 2012 Lagrein and Ascendant Spirit's Breaker Bourbon

How many times a day do you do something new and goosebump-inducing? Are you so bored at work you actually long for the “thrill” of an orderly fire drill? If you feel your...

Hot Dates

Wise up

Kick off spring with a celebration of water-wise plants at The Spring Spectacular, April 11 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and April 12 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Grow Nursery in Camb...

Look for a sign

Kristopher Doe lights up Big Sky Café in SLO with Neon Nation, an exhibit of paintings celebrating neon signage and Americana, through May 19. An artist reception will be hel...

Totally ridiculous

Help finance the construction of local pickleball courts by making an affordable purchase at the Ridiculously Affordable Art Sale, April 11 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Cambr...