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What's he building in there?: The uncertain future of a planned behavioral health treatment facility in Templeton

Cover Story

What's he building in there?: The uncertain future of a planned behavioral health treatment facility in Templeton


Directly across the street from Twin Cities Community Hospital on Las Tables Road in Templeton sits a field. The 3-acre parcel slopes down and southward away from the street, toward a patch where bare trees slurp up water from Toad Creek, which runs through the property—when there’s actually water. A towering, 30-foot-tall berm runs from the road and into the middle o... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Articles



Reunited: Steven Gordon of the Doobie Dozen recollected his property from county evidence


View a slideshow of the return of property. With a red-handled pocket knife in his shaking hand, Steven Gordon hovered over a spread of brown paper bags and boxes. “It’s...

The South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District will pursue a comprehensive review


Taking heed of public dissatisfaction, the newest incarnation of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District Board of Directors voted unanimously at its Jan. 21 meeti...

Steve Adams will receive $71,073 in severance pay


Just a few days after the Arroyo Grande City Council authorized city staff to negotiate with former City Manager Steve Adams regarding his request for severance pay, both part...

California lawmakers introduce the End of Life Option Act


A group of California legislators, including Central Coast Sen. Bill Monning, introduced a bill that would give terminally ill adults the option to receive and self-administer...

'Clowns' and 'weed huts:' New Times reviews hundreds of pages of emails between Morro Bay and its business license auditor


Early in the afternoon last October, Kevin Weigant of the Fresno-based firm Municipal Auditing Services (MAS) sent an email to Morro Bay City Manager David Buckingham. In it, ...

Winter of discontent: There've been three reported sexual assaults in three months at Cal Poly. Now what?


If asked to condemn sexual violence, the vast majority of people on this planet likely wouldn’t pause for a second before doing so. It’s not as if there’s widespread abi...

Cougars & Mustangs


There are good days. There are bad days. And then there are some of the worst days of your entire life. I’ve had all three in spades as of late and, as you might expect, the...


Are we policing for the people?


San Luis Obispo Police Chief Steve Gesell wrote an op-ed last month (“A shocking and growing lack of deference to the law,” Dec. 3, Tribune). It was disturbing both due to...


Thanks for being credible

Fred Pope - Grover Beach

I was impressed with the Robert Cuddy opinion regarding the Arroyo Grande mayoral election (“Jan. 1 didn’t erase 2014’s wounds in Arroyo Grande,” Jan. 8). Nice to kno...

We can't put off 
acting against 
climate change

Holly Sletteland -Templeton

Hardly a day goes by without another worrisome news headline about our changing climate. Just this past week, studies have been released showing that 2014 may have been the ho...

Bring research to Morro Bay's stacks

George Robertson - Morro Bay

What to do with the property formerly a power plant in Morro Bay? Everyone I have spoken to says “please keep the stacks!” They are a true Morro Bay landmark. Then what to...

Support for currency and law enforcement is maintained

Jim McKrell - Atascadero

Modern civilized societies worldwide place great value on stability and high living standards. Two important supporting features include law enforcement and currency. Taken ou...


Clown narc

I’ve got a brilliant new business plan that’s going to sweep the nation, starting with the late-night infomercials and ending with me becoming Ellen Degeneres’ new besti...

Street Talk

What's the most complicated or annoying drink order you’ve gotten?

Jesse Gomez Brittney Howard Adam Watson Jody Chan

Strokes and Plugs

She blinded me with science: Former professer brings excitement back to learning


Science is easily the coolest subject that kids get to study in school. It’s the discipline that encompasses explosions, dinosaurs, robots, lasers, stars, and basically ever...


Los Osos resident Jory Brigham proceeds through Spike TV's design competition show 'Frameworks'


If you haven’t been following Spike TV’s Tuesday night reality show Frameworks, you should, especially if you’re into design, furniture, innovation, and snarky contestan...

Comedy troupe Second City hits Cal Poly for 55th anniversary tour


Look at any major comedic film or TV show from the last few decades, and you’ll find an alumnus of The Second City—the infamous improv enterprise based out of the Windy Ci...

Two local performers star in new national tour of Broadway musical 'Memphis'


When you hear the name Memphis, you can’t help but think of music. The city boasts an embarrassment of legends like Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Aretha Fran...

Cuesta's stages acclaimed original play 'pool '63'


Nearly two years ago, after hearing about the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, Cuesta College Theater Arts Director bree valle was inspired to create a show. She began res...

SLO Little theatre stages Pulitzer finalist play '4000 Miles'


The Proclaimers have famously declared that they “would walk 500 miles.” Not to be outdone, piano popster Vanessa Carlton claimed she would “walk a thousand miles.” We...


Shadowlands releases their debut album on Jan. 31 at Steynberg Gallery


There’s Shadowland from Troy, N.Y. , that plays Celtic-Americana-roots music. There’s Shadowland, the British prog-rock act. There’s Shadowlands of Laurel, Md., a contem...


'Cake,' although Oscar snubbed, displays Jennifer Aniston's considerable talent and depicts the horror of chronic pain

Daniel Barnz (Phoebe in Wonderland, Beastly, Won’t Back Down) directs Jennifer Aniston as acerbic chronic pain sufferer Claire Bennett, who becomes obsessed with Nina Coll...


The best part of waking up: Kreuzberg roaster Shawn Clark is brewing hand-crafted coffee education


It goes something like this: Order coffee. Sniff hot liquid. Sigh at nothing in particular. Dump sugar. Stir cream. Sip. Admire the ring of red lipstick left on the mug. Antic...

Hayley's Pick

Kreuzberg Coffee's Sarsaparilla Ginger Kombucha and Bodegas Winery's 2009 Pimenteiro

  It’s weird that a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast can taste so freakishly good. Oh, kombucha, how I love your healthy, tangy ways. When imbued ...

Hot Dates

In with the out

If you’re into the outdoors, check out Bringing the Outdoors Indoors, an exhibit of paintings, etchings, and more by artist Barbara Rosenthal, Feb. 9 through May 1 at Edward...

Fair-trade fare

Food scientist, activist, and chocolatier Tom Neuhaus will conduct a seminar titled Savor Sustainability Presentation: Fair Trade Chocolate and Wine Tasting on Feb. 7 from 1 t...

With love

Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit at Love Letters, an exhibit of Valentine art by Tracy Taylor, on display at Picking Daisies in SLO through Feb. 7. The exhibit will feature...