Wednesday, July 29, 2015     Volume: 29, Issue: 52

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What do you look for when you’re picking out a wine?

Hints of tobacco, notes of ripe cherry and dried currant, and a great mouth feel.
Something that’s cheap, so I won’t feel guilty after drinking the whole bottle.
A great label with an artistic touch and keen descriptors always gets me.
I don’t care, just hand over the box.

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Gone cold: A look at SLO County's unsolved homicides

Cover Story

Gone cold: A look at SLO County's unsolved homicides


A desolate stretch of highway near the Kern County line. A sprawling field of sugar peas in Nipomo. The wilderness near a campground in the California Valley. A home tucked away off a stretch of rural road in Templeton. They are lonely places, many of them far from the day-to-day bustle of life in SLO County. Each is also the scene of an unsolved homicide. In most of the... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Articles



Maldonado family sued for alleged labor violations


A prominent Santa Maria Valley farming family is facing a class-action lawsuit filed by former employees for allegedly violating several labor laws. The complaint alleges tha...

More cash for Cal Poly SLO president


Cal Poly President Jeffery Armstrong will see a little more cash in his paychecks thanks to a recent vote by the California State University system’s board of trustees. The...

SLO City Council approves unruly gathering ordinance, version 2.0


If at first your city ordinance doesn’t accomplish what it was designed to do, try, try again. That’s the spirit carried by San Luis Obispo while the city amended its apt...

Conviction overturned in 2010 Arroyo Grande vehicular manslaughter case


The last five years of Rene Rosas’ life have left him in states of confusion and despair, but he’s finally able to start rebuilding his life. On July 2, Rosas was released...

SLO's still looking for its next police chief


The city of SLO is still in the early phases of finding a new police chief and is currently gathering input from city officials and the public to determine just what they want...

A look at the first round of fundraising in the battle for the 24th Congressional seat


While California voters won’t be hitting the polls for the 2016 election’s June 7 primary for about 10 months, candidates in some of the hot races are already working hard...

Cal Poly SLO's reported sexual assaults have increased in the past five years


Reports of sexual violence at Cal Poly have skyrocketed since 2012. According to preliminary data from university law enforcement, police received 13 reports of sexual assault...

Cougars & Mustangs


Yeah, I know. You don’t really want to be thinking about September yet. I mean, SCHOOL? Yuck! That’s for nerds! But suck it up, buttercup, let me lay this down, it might t...


Make change count


This is a response to the July 9 article written by Chris McGuinness, “Spare change: SLO’s homeless meters don’t bring in much money, but supporters hope to keep them ar...


Don't forget about soft water

Russ Gordon - San Luis Obispo

Thank you for your article on recycling water for use in gardens (“Save some for the passion fruit,” July 16). There is one major concern your article doesn’t address, a...

Gray water and soft water don't mix

Larry Miller - Paso Robles

The article (“Save some for the passion fruit,” July 16) on gray water was informative, but appears to have left out a major issue. Gray water systems are not appropriate ...

Elections are for you to decide

Norm Jackson - Atascadero

It offends me to the core each election cycle that a few powerful individuals decide who can run for the President of the U.S., according to the candidate’s willingness to m...

Storing rain should come before gray water

William L. Seavey - Cambria (formerly of Orcutt)

Kylie Mendonca’s piece (“Save some for the passion fruit,” July 16) on gray water usage was excellent, distilling the intricacies of a water conservation approach many m...

SLO's media is full of liberals

Ralph Bush - Arroyo Grande

Larry, my next-door neighbor, is convinced that the only way the SLO Tribune can remain in business is that they are subsidized by the DNC, which got me to thinking that this ...

Kudos to New Times' new staffers

Marian A. Willingham - San Luis Obispo

Thank God the New Times is back!!!! The last few years the New Times produced a marginal product. I was surprisingly excited to read this week’s (July 16) New Times! I read ...

The Shredder needs to have a little more respect

Lynda Merrill - Morro Bay

I have always been a strong supporter of The Shredder, but after the column “To V or not to V” (July 9) regarding parents vaccinating their children or not, I’ve changed...


Vive la révolution!

People are sick of being screwed, sick of stagnant wages, sick of economic inequality, sick of corporate fat cats and bankers playing by a different set of rules, sick of CEOs...

Street Talk

Should we be taking Donald Trump seriously as a presidential candidate?

Mike Shanahan Marshall Neal Kacey Held Downtown Bench

Strokes and Plugs

Nail bling and blowouts await at Posh Couture in SLO


Yessie Nojas says she can’t draw to save her life, but give her a tiny nail as a canvas and she will let her imagination run wild. So wild, in fact, that she reached the fin...


Festival Mozaic parties like it's 1749


You know how tiny and miniscule you feel when you’re lying on your back, looking up into a clear, starry night? That’s how Festival Mozaic Music Director Scott Yoo feels w...

Three art-minded surfer dudes make a splash with The Cayucos Collective


It doesn’t get much more small-town than Cayucos. Here, everybody knows your name—and you may not know what you’re doing, but your neighbor surely does. Leave it to thre...

Santa Margarita Ranch Vintage Times Trials brings out the gearheads on July 11th


It’s Saturday, July 11, and my wife and I are pulling into Santa Margarita Ranch on a warm, clear Central Coast morning. As we make the turn to the ranch that cuts through a...

Unfinished Business plays Arroyo Grande's Heritage Square Park on July 19


The 1960s will come swirling to life at an Arroyo Grande summer concert featuring local retro rock band Unfinished Business on July 19. Starting at 1 p.m., get in on the raffl...

Win art at the SLO-Poke Western Art Rodeo at Seaside Gallery


Partner, this show is not to be missed! Celebrate the fifth annual SLO-Poke Western Art Rodeo at Seaside Gallery with a Buffalo Head Nickel drawing slated for July 18 between ...


The California Mid-State Fair offers plenty of entertainment this week including Mötley Crüe on July 25th


It appears the un-seasonal, muggy weather is dissipating just in time for the California Mid-State Fair, “the biggest little fair anywhere!” Thank goodness, because it’s...


'Ant-Man' is good for a few laughs

Glen: This new installment of the Marvel universe seems to want to flip the shtick on Iron Man. Instead of a brash, irreverent, rich genius with an awesome suit, we have a b...


Whalebird Kombucha is taking over your neighborhood, one tap at a time


Something weird is happening around SLO. A massive colony of bacteria and yeast is spreading from High Street to Higuera, bubbling its way into coffee shops, restaurants—eve...

Hayley's Pick

Spice of Life's Chai Black Tea and Paso Robles' Wineshine

I recently upped my morning black tea game with a smell-good satchel of Spice of Life’s chai black tea. Seriously: This stuff smells so good I want to leave a teabag in ever...

Hot Dates


See the Central Coast from three different points of view in an exhibit of paintings by Julie Dunn, Rosanne Sietz, and Laurel Sherrie entitled Three Views, on display at Windw...

Flow of ideas

In an effort to increase awareness about all things water, HopeDance will hold an All Day Immersion Into the Subject of Water, July 25 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at SLO Grange Hall...

Gem rats

Nipomo High School will host the 48th annual Gem Show, presented by the Orcutt Mineral Society, Aug. 7 to 8 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Aug. 9 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In additi...