Tuesday, February 9, 2016     Volume: 30, Issue: 28

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Are you worried about gang violence increasing or coming in from nearby counties?

Yes. We can kiss the Happiest Town in America title goodbye.
I'm more worried about white collar crooks like Kelly Gearhart, Jay Miller, and Al Moriarty.
No. Our law enforcement is more than equipped to handle the problem.
It's inevitable unless we beef up outreach and social services for vulnerable youth.

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New Times / Hayley's Pick

Sidecar's Caveman Bloody Mary and Copia Vineyards' 2014 The Reason Viognier<

While you’re all at church this Sunday, I’ll be at Sidecar, indulging in some epic gluttony (the best sin ever!). What can I say? When a bloody comes with spicy bacon, chipotle-infused vodka, and pickled greens, I’m beyond saving. Yes, I’ll have another one, thank you! Satan made me do it.

Sidecar’s Caveman Bloody MaryAbout $10; 1127 Broad St., SLO.

Looking for a wine tasting experience that’s less “hard wine club sales pitch” and more “authentically chill”? Paso Underground is where the cool kids drink undiscovered wines off the beaten path, unmolested by overly cheerful tasting room attendants (the industrial space is located on a sleepy back street parallel to the train tracks, which totally adds to the mystique). Once you’re there, allow Michael Dewit of Copia Vineyards to take you on a sensual stroll through his small-lot wines. His 2014 The Reason is made with viognier grapes sourced from the Hoyt Family vineyard in the Paso Robles Willow Creek District, and it tastes of spiced pear and fresh minerals. Believe me, this wine is absolutely “the reason” you should get off the couch and try something new in 2016.

Copia Vineyards’ 2014 The Reason Viognier$32 a bottle; 1140 Pine St., Paso Robles.

Hayley Thomas is not very cool, but she still hopes you will send her drink suggestions at hthomas@newtimesslo.com.