Friday, May 22, 2015     Volume: 29, Issue: 43

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Do you think more agricultural operations should practice dry farming in California?

Yes, before irrigated agriculture sucks up the little precious water that is left.
Maybe, but it's the farmer's choice, not mine.
No, we must produce produce produce all we can.
Wait, what is dry farming?

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New Times / Arts

Let your colors burst at the Paso ARTSFEST


It was a fresh, green day in Ireland, the perfect day for a canoe trip on the River Shannon. Two young ladies pushed off into the calm gray waters, each looking forward to a relaxing outing.  What they stumbled upon instead was miraculous—a sight that would garner more than 6.5 million views on ...

The SLO Little Theatre performs beloved classic musical, 'The Music Man'


There’s nothing quite like settling down to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned musical, replete with comedy, budding romance, and lots of dancing.  That’s the experience you'll get watching the SLO Little Theatre’s performance of The Music Man. The play, written by Meredith Wilson and directed ...

It's time to get briefs with 55 fiction


Boxers or briefs? Come on. You know the answer. It’s not even a question. You go with the latter. You go with the tighty-whities. And if you just can’t, your only option is this: briefly in boxers. Yes, brief is better as the ads for this year’s 55 Fiction contest proclaim because, as Shakesp...

Zoo to You offers a hands-on exotic animal experience


It’s Saturday, May 16, and I’m petting an alligator that used to belong to a drug lord (OK, allegedly used to belong to a drug lord, but what’s the fun in that?). The 6-foot-long, 90-pound reptile is sitting on a table, being wrangled by Scott Ellis, one of the four volunteers who are presenti...

Author Jane Smiley to speak at Spanos


Calling all writers: Pulitzer-prize winning author Jane Smiley will lead a riveting talk in conjunction with the SLO Library Foundation’s new Book and Author Series this week. Smiley will tackle all the aspects of writer education as well as put a new spin on the old adage: “You can’t judge a ...

Pewter Plough stages 'Picnic'


William Inge’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Picnic, details how one Kansas family is shaken up by a young, out-of-work drifter who wanders into town. As the story goes, our mysterious vagabond forms a connection with the family’s two teenage daughters, and although mama’s suspicious of him, he...