Saturday, April 18, 2015     Volume: 29, Issue: 38

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New Times / Arts

Tibetan monks from Drepung Gomang Monastery bring ancient art of mandalas to the Central Coast


About 15 minutes into Werner Herzog’s 2003 documentary Wheel of Time, you see a flat, blue surface surrounded by 20 to 30 people in orange and red robes. They’re Tibetan Buddhist monks chanting in unison, ringing bells, and reciting mantras around a table festooned in flowing drapes. They are co...

Kelrik Productions presents classic Broadway musical, 'Into the Woods'


Once upon a time, Erik Austin, founder and director of Kelrik Productions, fell in love with a musical. When he was young, he went to Cheap Thrills and bought a copy of the soundtrack to Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s award-winning musical, Into the Woods. “I’ve loved that show forever,...

SLO Little Theatre stages play about emotional and physical impact of war, 'Time Stands Still'


Time Stands Still is a play for voyeurs. Watching this show is like peeping through the window of a Brooklyn apartment. Viewers get to watch lives play out realistically on the stage—from banal chatter to weighty conversation to heated arguments. Sordid relationships run their course as the audie...

New Times says farewell to long-time staffers Ashley Schwellenbach and Colin Rigley


For eons now, the New Times editorial office has been dominated by two names—Managing Editor Ashley Schwellenbach and Senior Staff Writer Colin Rigley. Combined, they’ve put in around 15 years, 20,000 cartons of cake frosting, 10 million hours of sarcasm, three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action...

SLOMA screens documentary about American arts and crafts pioneer Elbert Hubbard


When you imagine the face of early 20th century business (as we all do all the time), you probably picture the usual titans of industry—J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford. These are the men who ushered forth the age of automation, mass commercialism, and casual dehumanization. But in upstate...