Friday, June 24, 2016     Volume: 30, Issue: 48

Weekly Poll
What should we do with Diablo Canyon once it shuts down?

Use the land to house a solar or wind farm.
We should try to rehabilitate the space back to its natural beauty.
Turn the facility into a nuclear power museum.
Convert the plant into a frozen yogurt shop. You can never have enough of those!

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New Times / Arts

The bigger picture: Digital images at SLOMA capture an adapting Bangladesh


A swift click of the lens and a moment in time is forever immortalized. It tells a story, but telling the full story is a tall order for a single second, frozen in time. Recognizing that the real story is more complicated than that, photographers and husband-and-wife team Eric and Carrie Tomberli...

Dreamt into life: SLO author Sarah Noffke on writing 12 fantasy novels in two years


Just because someone is madly typing away on their phone, don’t assume they’re sending an insipid text message instead of being present. San Luis Obispo based author Sarah Noffke knows she’s that crazy-looking lady typing away on her phone at the gym, but after publishing 12 young adult fantas...

The 28th annual Live Oak Music Festival was dusty fun!


It’s Monday, June 20, and I’m standing in the shower watching rivulets of brown water circle down the drain—the remnants of the Live Oak Music Festival. I feel like if I cough, a puff of dust will come out of me. “Peace, love, and dirt” is the Live Oak motto, and the KCBX Public Radio stat...

Art Central in SLO seeks entries for upcoming show 'Bug Me'


Are you the one who screams in terror when a spider is spotted crawling up the wall? Or perhaps you’re calm, cool, and collected as you scoop the crawly creature up and return it to the wilderness. Bugs—they’re a polarizing topic. Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, odds are you have an opi...

Poetic Justice Project presents 'Time Will Tell'


Getting out of jail is supposed to be the easy part of doing time. Turns out that’s not always the case. How do you navigate the world after you’ve been locked up? Experience personal transformational journeys with actors Leonard Flippen, Jorge Manly Gil, Caroline Hitch, Frank Souza, Morry Tala...

Blast from the Past: A Face in the Crowd


Rated? Not rated  |  When? 1957. Watching Donald Trump’s rise to power seems like the perfect time to revisit A Face in the Crowd, director Elia Kazan’s stunning take on Budd Schulberg’s short story about the rise and fall of a demagogue. Andy Griffith—in a role about as far removed fr...