Wednesday, November 26, 2014     Volume: 29, Issue: 18

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How should we deal with people arrested for drug offenses?

Put ’em in jail.
Treat ’em.
Put ’em in jail and treat ’em.
Seize their property, prosecute them for half a decade, and dismiss their cases.

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New Times / Arts

New ARTshare program promotes the bridge between business and art


Looking at art is one thing. It’s easy, as a viewer, to walk into a gallery or a museum (granted it’s free and not tourist-ridden like the Louvre) and take in the tantalizing brushstrokes, figures, and compositions of painters, sculptors, and craftsmen alike. It’s even easy to talk about art...

Natural woman: Steynberg Gallery displays Earth Gowns, a collection of narrative dresses


Most of the time when you think of an art exhibit, the image that comes to mind is a room full of traditional paintings, maybe a photograph, or sculpture here and there. It’s not often that an exhibit comes in the form of wearable art. But together, Julie Frankel and Melinda Forbes organized Eart...

Bring on the cheese: A night at the roller derby is a guaranteed good time


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, which will probably only surprise people who knew me as a jock in high school: I don’t really like watching most sports, even the ones I really like playing. Mostly, it’s just not nearly as satisfying as getting off your butt, throwing on 20 pounds of p...

In Memoriam: Cal Poly art professor Michael Barton Miller


There are teachers you remember just as teachers—people who go by the books and hand out grades. Then, there are teachers who inspire their students, their colleagues, and the community with their dedication and kindness. Michael Barton Miller was, without a doubt, one of the latter. Miller, who ...