Sunday, October 26, 2014     Volume: 29, Issue: 13
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Panga Boat Bust 9/6

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What will you be doing on Election Night?

Waiting anxiously for the results to come in.
Whatever I'd usually be doing on a Tuesday night.
Shaking my head in shame over the decay of our electoral process.
Getting my passport in order.

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New Times / Arts

Local artist and writer Marguerite Costigan is named SLO County poet laureate


For most of her life, Marguerite Costigan has been an artist. She’s written profound, lyrical poems and painted vivid scenes, all steeped in the wild and captivating imagery of her natural surroundings. Vultures, foxes, brambles, streams, and barns populate the stanzas and canvases of what Costiga...

Eye-opener: Atascadero artist Bruce Miller displays abstract works at SLOMA


Bruce Miller has been a museumgoer for nearly all his life. In fact, ask him about an artist and he’ll recount his or her works and talents with an encyclopedic ease. From Da Vinci to O’Keeffe to whoever it was who carved into ice 10,000 years ago, Miller not only relishes the history of art, bu...

The Palm Theatre screens a stylized 1968 drama, The Swimmer, as part of the Take Two Live series


One afternoon, in a ritzy Connecticut suburb, middle-aged Ned Merrill attends a pool party with some friends. As the conversation progresses, he proposes an unconventional idea. Instead of walking or driving back home, he’ll take the scenic route. Household pools line the pathway to his house, so ...

SLOMA celebrates Dia de los Muertos at Mission Plaza


Every October, it’s always Halloween that gets the spotlight. I get it. It’s got costumes, candy, and the allure of bothering one’s neighbors. But, instead of experiencing a chocolate hangover on Nov. 1, you could be partaking in Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. In honor of the tra...

Balls to the wall: British-born comedian Maddy Sinclair bares all for one-woman comedy show at SLO Little Theatre


It’s Friday night. I’m in downtown SLO. I’ve just eaten my weight in garlic fries. That means it must be time for one thing: It’s time to hear some quality dick jokes. To be honest, this is the general pattern for how I spend most of my Friday nights: gross gluttony followed by George Carli...