Sunday, August 2, 2015     Volume: 30, Issue: 1

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What’s your biggest problem with local news outlets?

They’re a bunch of liberal freedom-takers.
Why can’t our national press be this upstanding?
They should focus less on themselves, and more on the outside world.
No one ever calls me for comment.

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New Times / Arts

Chameleon Productions celebrates 20th year with 'Into the Woods'


Imagine this iconic scene from Westside Story: The Jets, clad in member’s only jackets and cuffed khakis are dance-fighting against rival gang the Sharks, who are looking lean and mean in leather and denim. Temperatures are flaring as the actors snap, twirl, and leap across the stage to the patte...

J Dave Montgomery reveals secret lives of colors in Santa Margarita exhibit


I’m sitting at The Porch in Santa Margarita with artist J Dave Montgomery, and I probably look high. At the moment, we’re both staring at our palms, searching out the faint blue of veins; examining the hot pinks, orangey reds, and bright yellows that come together to make up “flesh.”  Wi...

Mason Bar mixes new age bartending with old school cocktails in Arroyo Grande


The rattling tinkle of ice furiously tumbling in a metal shaker is drowned out by voices colliding against the tall rough-hewn timber and brick walls of a cozy cocktail bar in downtown Arroyo Grande on a Friday night. A July evening breeze eases in from a warehouse-door-sized open window overlookin...

Central Coast Shakespeare Festival delivers thespian fun at Filipponi Ranch


All the world’s a stage and all the dogs merely players. Wait, what? You heard right. The Central Coast Shakespeare Festival is continuing its summer season starring a rotund little rat dog with a rub-worthy belly made for the spotlight. Pack up a blanket and some snacks and venture to scenic Fili...

SLOMA's new show celebrates the scenery


It’s easy to forget we live in an incredibly beautiful place. Let SLOMA’s new show, Re-Imagined Landscapes, reveal a fresh appreciation for California’s magnificent splendor. Two new contemporary landscape artists, Carol Paquet and Phoebe Brunner, are happy to take this trip with you. As a t...